Success + style expert videos for women entrepreneurs helping you and your business get out there!

Welcome to my video page library with the best of my Youtube how-to videos to help you elevate your life, business and style!

Since I’ve had an online business since 1999, I love to help women entrepreneurs with success strategist tips that take my style expert advice to the next level beyond their fashion but to step into their brand star power with these how to videos.

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The Videos

Focus on Style Quick Tips

#FoSQuickTips – Unedited, on-the-go, slice of life shortcuts to elevate your life, business & style each day with actionable, inspirational and motivational advice… all filmed on my iPhone to get you the real tips as quickly as possible.

Selected Quick Tips with additional content for women entrepreneurs can be found here on FocusOnStyle.

The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast

The 7 Days To Amazing Podcast – Learn how to make your life, business and style even more amazing this week!


Each episode is a conversation with noted thought leaders, celebrities, motivational mavens, fun fashionistas, marketing masters, and career catalysts who share tips and strategies on how to live your most amazing best life. Interviews are very actionable and designed to not be overwhelming but provide a game plan to kick start how you show up in the world

Episode Extras and Transcriptions are available, here.
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Videos by Category

Women entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, authors, bloggers, speakers, anyone who runs their own business or wants to get out there… this is for you!

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