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  • 20 Seconds to Wigstock, a short film by Vincent Gagliostro

    20 Seconds to Wigstock, a short film by Vincent Gagliostro

    Certainly, you have noticed a new look here at in the past few days.

    While we are live in our new design, we are still in Beta (almost there to non-techies), but surely you can see the fabulousness of it all. And, only guess at what’s to come!

    Most in part to the creative vision of our art director Vincent Gagliostro.

    Besides being a recognized force in the fashion industry for the past two decades, Vincent is also a fine artist and filmmaker.

    Vincent Gagliostro’s short film, 20 SECONDS TO WIGSTOCK was selected for the upcoming A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival presented by Diane Pernet a.k.a. ASVOFF FESTIVAL 2 to premiere in Paris on September 25. The film is among other featured films shortlisted for the coveted GRAND PRIX SAMSUNG.

    As Vincent is also preparing an installation piece for exhibitions in Paris and New York, he is also in preperation for his first feature film, AFTER LOUIE, which will begin production late 2010 – early 2011.

    Details: ASVOFF FESTIVAL 2, Paris
    September 25-26-27, 2009 – Paris 2009 Launch

    Passage du Désir / BETC Online ASVOFF info

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