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Scroll down and see how to be the best at being you…

Sharon can help you elevate you and your business get out there with these proven Style Mentoring + Business Boosting home study programs so you can confidently feel like a success set yourself up for the high-level clients you want.

Complimentary Star Power Call…

If you would like to work with Sharon personally or not sure what is right for you, please apply for a Complimentary Star Power Call, here.

Simply Amazing Headshots:

How to tell your story from the collar up. The stylist formula to the perfect profile image.

Your success, your influence, your reach online is directly connected to how you are perceived. 

In less than 7 seconds.

Imagine if you could control your image, be your best photographer, and leverage the power of an amazing headshot so you can be seen as the superstar you are!

Don’t worry, you can…

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The StyleWORD Book, Fashion Quotes For Real Style:

Sometimes I’m guilty of skimming books to get to the meat. Especially personal development books.

So if you’re like me, I created StyleWORD just for you… it’s the ultimate cheat sheet to upgrade your look in the shortest amount of time.

Like rapid time. Like short attention span social media tim.

You don’t even need to read the post. Or listen to the interview. Or even read the question that the column addresses. Just get to the takeaway quote.



C’est Chic Crash Course:

Style up for confident success!

Do you ever ask yourself, “why not you?”

You’re at a business event, out on a nice dinner, a lady date with friends. You see “her.’

She as ‘it’ and, you wonder, “why not me?”

Why am I not the one commanding presence, getting the new clients, the promotion, a bigger paycheck, great dates or that indescribable elegance that comes from just being in the know?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can be like “her,” but your way.

You’re doing everything…trying all the tactics, all the strategies, piecing it together, trying to reinvent the wheel but still standing still. Something is not clicking.

Something is not having you stand out.

Because you are missing out on the most overlooked element- how do you look???

It’s about perception, image and the confidence that comes with knowing how to put it together.

You don’t want someone else’s style you want your style.

That is exactly why I created the stylist system so you can master your look, on your terms, for your lifestyle, and sometimes not even having to buy a thing if you don’t want to.

Style is all in the understanding of how to pull yourself together to stand out like the star you are.

You deserve it. You should look like you’re worth it. On your terms.

Follow my step-by-step style-mentoring system so you can confidently think like a stylist and own your look, every day!


Fashion Fundamentals:

I created the Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop as a way for you to confidently understand the essentials to build your everyday style just as you are today.

Before you can nail your style, you need to get clear on the balance + proportion that makes everything fall into place to flatter your figure so that you can master the stylish framework to shine!

Learn the top principles to play up your strengths with the right clothes to flatter your figure so that you can acquire the discerning eye to become the tastemaker of your own style!


Celebrity Brand Business Training:

One on One Virtual Coaching with Sharon Haver + Home Study BONUS!

Celebrity Brand Business Training is customized, personalized, one-on-one mentoring to help you get you and your business out there.

  • You want to earn what you deserve and live the life others dream about.
  • You want to be seen as a leader in your area of expertise.
  • You want to stand out rather than hide in the shadows because we know that no successful business was built by being the best kept secret.
  • You are absolutely committed to your success and ready to achieve your goals in the most personalized and direct way.

Owning your STAR Power is all about positioning, practice, and presence.

It is what has you stand out in a crowded market

It is how you are perceived as the go-to expert in your field.

In this exclusive, by invitation opportunity, you will essentially have me as an integral part of your team as your celebrity business mentor consulting with you on your next best moves to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner.



How To Be Seen:

Uplevel Your Look + Presence On Stage And Video

Become the unforgettable speaker that everyone takes note of and wants to buy from, whether you are on stage or on video.

You don’t need to be a fashionista to know how to elevate your personal brand on stage or in video.

You just need to be aware that you are sending the right message.

As the face of your brand, you are it’s initial compelling commodity.

If you want to earn the cash you deserve, never forget that it takes under seven seconds to make a first impression– the way you look and present yourself makes an important statement even before you’ve begun to speak.


STAR Power Flash Kit

It’s time to start the movement of you!

I want you to own your authentic STAR power so you can live the life that others dream about.

The STAR Power Flash Kit is the whole shebang of curated resources and exclusive bonuses to help you be the best at being you!


Authentic Superstar Challenge

Confidently Take Your Own Photos So You Can Authentically Attract Your Most Profitable Audience 

Now savvy entrepreneurs are taking the lead from celebrities + influencers by amplifying their know, like and trust factor in a split second by being real.

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