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  • Quick Tip Video: Style Is Not About Size

    QT Template - style - size

    Style is not about the size you are. Style is about how you put things together to suit your figure. Learn what you need to wear to make yourself look better. Stand tall, be proud and wear the clothes that suit the frame you’re in today.

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  • Quick Tip Video: A Business Plan Is Critical To Succeed As An Entrepreneur, Save The Last Minute For Your Personal Life

    QT Template - Business - have a plan

    Today’s success tip is for those of you who need some direction with sticking to a business plan. TRANSCRIPT: Hey there’s me. Sharon Haver with today’s FocusOnStyle Quick Tip, live from Wyoming! Welcome to my ranch (pillow). So today’s FocusOnStyle Quick Tip is another one of my cute little pillows that I have out here. It is, “If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done.” …

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  • Quick Tip Video: Hang On To Your Youthful Spirit!

    QT Template - Lifestyle youthfule

    The #1 way how not to look old and be perceived as relevant is pretty simple. Hang on to your youthful spirit! There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than when I hear otherwise vital women saying, “I can’t do this, “I can’t wear that,” “for my age,” and other nay saying that olds them back. It usually happens when there is a big life event or around a birthday with a Zero. …

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  • Quick Tip Video: Why You Should Invest In Yourself If You Want Clients To Invest In You

    QT Template - Success - INvest

    Success Quick Tip: Investing in yourself is your most valuable investment .The number one way to get clients to invest in you: Invest in yourself! That’s right. I’ve said it. How can clients invest in you if you don’t invest in your business acumen and personal development and business development, and in how you present yourself? Even when you’re in a casual environment when you want clients to invest in you, you have got to be at least a few […]

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Leadership Style To Climb To The Top with Alison Levine, Adventurer + Keynote Speaker


    How to Develop Your Leadership Style- From climbing Everest to what to wear as a keynote speaker, adventurer Alison Levine spills the beans on climbing to the top On this week’s episode of The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast, Alison Levine, Adventurer, Mountaineer & Author, talks about her experiences climbing Mount Everest and how to apply the invaluable leadership + style lessons she has learned along the way.

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] How To Live Like A Parisian Wherever You Are With Richard Nahem of Eye Prefer Paris


    The Paris Experience, No Passport Required! Did you ever wonder what it’s like to live like a Parisian, or enjoy the European lifestyle wherever you may be? Don’t worry, I’ve got the Paris insider dibs on what life in Paris really like, from my bestie! At some point in our lives, most of us dream of what it would be like to live in the most romantic, chic and alluring cities of the world,…

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Style Inspiration for Success: The 4 Pillars of Style, Sharon Haver Talks About Discovering The True Essence Of Your Style


    So many of you have asked me about finding style inspiration that I decided to switch around the format for this week’s episode of The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast. We will be back to having inspiring guests to make your life, style and business more amazing during the next week, but for now, let me take the mic and help you find your style inspiration by way of discovering your personal muse to guide you on your journey. Don’t […]

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] The New French Couture: Icons of Paris Fashion with Elyssa Dimant


    Did you ever dream of having French couture in your life? Well, I have the closest way most of us can make that specific kind of luxury accessible in our daily life, and it’s amazing! Elyssa Dimant, author of The New French Couture: Icons of Paris Fashion, is the 7 Days to Amazing podcast guest this week to share the dazzling history and journey of Paris fashion throughout the 20th century and today….

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Money Mindset Expert, LoriAnne Reeves, Sits Down to Unlock what’s behind your “Money Story”


    Is your money story holding you back? If financial baggage is keeping you from abundance and success, this week’s 7 Days to Amazing podcast is a must listen! My guest this week is LoriAnne Reeves, Money Mindset Expert, business strategist, speaker and creator of The CEO Entrepreneur. We all have a money story. These stories are with us from childhood, are shaped by culture and are responsible for how we perceive our entire financial…

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Feng Shui Tips to Living a Better, More Successful Life with Kathryn Weber, Creator of Red Lotus Letter


     If you are looking for more prosperity and abundance in your life then this week’s 7 Days to Amazing podcast full of actionable feng shui tips is perfect for you! My guest this week is Kathryn Weber, Expert Feng Shui consultant and the creator of the internet’s longest running Feng Shui E-zine, The Red Lotus Letter. Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is the Chinese way of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. …

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Advanced Beauty: Ways to Look Younger with Dr. Stephen Bracci of Verve Laser


    Advanced Beauty: What’s Hot in Non-Surgical Ways to Look Younger, Refreshed and Ready In Photos, Video, and Life. I am excited to announce our next guest on the 7 Days To Amazing Podcast, Dr. Stephen Bracci! Dr. Bracci is the owner and founder of Verve Medical Cosmetic since 1999, where he focuses on non-surgical solutions to improve and maintain a youthful appearance.  He is changing the game on the “old school” methods…

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] How to Get Happy + Enjoy Your Life with Jackie Ruka: America’s Happyologist, Episode 2


    This week’s episode of  7 Days to Amazing features Jakie Ruka, America’s “Happyologist” and Founder of Get Happy Zone Inc. talks about How to Get Happy + Enjoy Your Life so that you can make your life more amazing in the next week. Listen in as Jackie  scientifically and joyfully educates you to get happy by disrupting the “stress to reach success” mindset in your life and work, so you can shift to an improved world being,…

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  • A Note From Sharon Haver

    a note from sharon haver-1 Hello Gorgeous,

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by  FocusOnStyle !

    I'm the editor in chief and resident fashion + style expert  with over 25 years experience in the fashion biz as a stylist, syndicated fashion advice columnist, and web entrepreneur.

    I hope you love the best of women's fashion and top style trends as much as I do.

    More important, I want to help you make the most of what YOU've got !

    I want your personal style to be organic to you, flattering to your body type , and not contrived or cookie-cutter but a natural extension of just one of the many things that you do everyday, including what you wear to work.

    As your style mentor , I share insider tips & tricks to help YOU get the awareness to do it yourself and stand out from the pack.

    Yup, it's about discovering the D.I.Y. stylist in YOU!

    That’s what I’m here for. To empower you to get it going on.

    Back in 1999, I founded the site as a 24/7 platform where anyone can get expert stylist advice, fashion tips, and style trends to make the most of what they've got... long before the term "fashion blog" became part of our language.

    If you are new to the FocusOnStyle, a good place to start is with my series of free online fashion and style guides , curated from some of our post popular topics. If you have any questions that you would like considered to be answered on the fashion blog, please ask for  fashion advice here .

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    As a stylist I'm about YOU, not me.

    I'm not about gushing over  celebrity style  or preening over a picture of a cute outfit that I or my team is wearing. I do use style icons, from wherever they may be, as a launch point to help YOU tweak to chic to bring  red carpet fashion  to your closet, in a way that makes sense for YOU!  We call that, " I'll Have What She's Having " around here. We look at the runway to inspire you to stay on top of your game, because as a New Yorker, I personally know that looking modern is the best revenge! When you want style motivation , FoS has that too!

    Style shouldn't have an expiration date...

    We know that great style is not only for teenyboppers, and age-appropropropriate & ageless style  doesn't mean dowdy. Consider FoS as a go-to resource for how to wear and what to wear (almost) anything at any age with high, yet definable style that suits your lifestyle.

    Pretty, sexy chic is the NEW fabulous, and it's right at , online since 1999.




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