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  • Are you looking for age appropriate dressy clothing to wear and NOT look like an old lady? Style solutions right here!

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    Our latest reader style question asks what to wear to a wedding after menopausal weight gain. How can she look age appropriate in dressy clothing? What can she wear to hide her slight bump in size? And not look like an old lady? Let’s discuss…

    Q:I am 55 years old. I am 5 ft 8″ tall. I have always been quite skinny until menopause. I now weigh 146 pounds, and my body has changed. I have a bit of a muffin middle, and my arms are not as firm as they once were. I need some advice on what to wear to an upcoming wedding reception in July. Can you recommended what type of clothing would look age appropriate, yet not make me look like an old lady? Thank you for your time, Marie (Marie via Fashion Advice)

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    A: Getting dressy can be challenging enough when that’s not your thing. Add age appropriate dressy clothing to the mix and confusion abounds.

    Well the good news is that at 5’8 and 146lbs, you aren’t too far off track and still within average weight guidelines, and can be on the slender side depending on your frame size.  If you are still uncomfortable, it is nothing that a  little toning can’t help after the festivities! But since time is short, one smart and easy on the wear option is to go for something tailored.

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    By opting for a dressy number with sculpted shoulders and accentuated sleeves, you’ll keep attention off of your arms while masking your imperfections with something that sits away from the body, such as the tailored coatdress above from Christian Dior Resort 2014… don’t worry, we have inspired by looks below.

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    A fit and flare style like that instantly brings elegant wedding attire to mind while its full skirt and regal simplicity will help you look age appropriate and au currant as many in the room will be in giddy pastels, florals and what have you. Short sleeve and half sleeve dresses are another style option.

    With something as surefire as a coatdress, you’ll be able to pull of a chic look that can translate for many an occasion while looking your age and quite glamorous to boot.

    If you fall for a sleeeveless fit and flare number, no worries. Try an elegant evening wrap or glittery shrug. We’ve got you covered… have fun!

    CLICK on these fit and flare dress styles that we pulled as inspiration…

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