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  • Age Appropriate Fashion- Over 40, It’s Back to classics and how to navigate trends for Spring 2012

    The Urban Jungles of this world inevitably produce trends in fashion that make their way into closets across America.

    With fashion week upon us, I’m looking forward to the fashion parade outside of Lincoln Center. The young and restless work the stairs and promenade leading up to the tents ala Lady Gaga! 

    Yet, there are elements that can be lifted from the wreckage such as the vintage print scarfs that reemerged during the fall 2011 fashion week in February. Tied to a handle of a petite bag or knotted at the neck, they can be quite beautiful: think Grace Kelly.

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    When you are in your mid-forties how do you translate the runway into your personal style? The good news is that the well healed have come to their senses with the return of the classic pump! The deep red lip is gracing fashion magazines around the world. Cashmere twins sets are replacing light jackets for fall.

    The Chignon has done away with the feathered Farrah Fawcett this season.

    The classic wide belt cinched at the waist looks modern when paired with solids and tweeds. Ponchos are the new raincoat. This season is all about style classics!


    Why are we seeing a trend towards the timeless returning in spades? The world wants to put the brakes on these turbulent times and wrap themselves in the comfort of formidable fashion that has stood the test of time.

    The American designer Ralph Lauren has banked his entire empire on a classic silhouette from handbags to his men’s and women’s collections borrowing from history. This has been his signature. When Lauren opened his boutique in Bloomingdales in 1969, his fashions became iconic overnight. They are highly collectible from a vintage point of view in today’s market. My clients seamlessly mix and match Lauren with Hermes, Prada, and Valentino. Individuals with great style have always mixed past and present to perfection. If the previews for spring 2012 are any indication of trends to come, it looks like classics are back.

    Where does that leave trends? The world of disposable fashion has been making headlines for over 10 years with affordable stores such as H&M and J Crew aggressively gaining momentum. You can take a chance on a trendy piece mixing and matching it with your core wardrobe and avoid breaking the bank. Remember, age appropriate is  key when playing with trends. If you are in your mid-forties and you saw the look on a twenty something person you can bet it won’t work on you!

    Fashion is about fun and should be uplifting. We’ve all made mistakes, but as you get older you realize what works for you. Sexy chic is different in your forties so I suggest:  ladies look to the classics, lower the hem, and raise the neckline. This is going to be a fun season! Elegance has returned to the runway! -Brad Boles

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