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  • What to Wear on an Airplane


    Q:I’m not sure what to wear on the airplane to visit an old boyfriend out of state. When I walk off the plane, the first impression that I want him to have of me needs to be a GOOD one! I want to wear the right outfit that’s casual and fun without looking too contrived or like I tried too hard.

    Movie stars and supermodels always look just right when you see them in airports and that’s the look that I want!

    I’m thirty-years-old and like simple things with not a lot of frou-frou! Please, please help me with my “airplane chic” look so I can appear stylish, put together, and elegant. Thank you so much! (Nashville, TN)


    A:First off, ask yourself if this guy only is interested in you because you look like a glamourpuss after spending hours sitting on a plane… if the answer is yes, change your ticket and head to a place where you will actually enjoy yourself. Sorry to say that most men don’t notice or remember what someone is wearing if they are thrilled to see her. Look good because you want to look good!

    When traveling, it’s best to choose something that holds it’s shape after sitting in it for hours and isn’t confining. Pants or jeans with some Lycra stretch are a best bet; I prefer pants over a skirt so my legs don’t get cold. Since the plane’s temperature can change drastically, a couple of layers like a T-shirt and sweater or denim jacket are a smart choice. Keep your hair simple, makeup to a minimum, and rehydrate your skin by drinking bottled water.

    Avoid any fabric that wrinkles easily or stretches out and you should be fine. Don’t wear belts, jewelry, or anything with heavy metal detailing that takes up time at the airport security metal detectors. For that matter, wear shoes that are easy to take on and off as well.

    Give yourself some slack, I’ve seen plenty supermodels and movie stars looking pretty crummy (like the rest of us) after long hours of traveling. If they are playing up for a photo op, they’ll know how to work it when the cameras are on. And just like everyone else, if they have some sense of personal style to begin with, they’ll make the most of what they’ve got whether in the air or on land!

    –March 18, 2002


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