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  • Anna Sui, Michael Kors, and Jeremy Scott Take On NYFW, and some dish on the side

    Anna Sui Spring 2012 fashion show

    Anna Sui Spring 2012

    Runway Reviews & Raves: Anna Sui does 70s disco and launch's a new luggage collection, while Micheal Kors works the animal prints and Jeremy Scott worked a cactus print and saloon girl fringe 70s Retro meets the wildwest hello Ms Kitty!

    Anna Sui has always been a favorite of NYFW because she has been delighting the crowds for more then 3 decades and never gets staid, Anna is always in her element with Spring, whimsical patterns mixed and matched with turbans and shoulder pads think Joan Crawford meets Diane Von Furstenberg 1978! The wedges and stripped socks really drove home that 70s vibe.


    Michael Kors Spring 2012

    Micheal Kors is his own industry so I always pay close attention to his collection simply because he understands the buyer and the american women like no other designer in modern times the let's hit the jungle with one sleaved animal print chiffon caftan think Talitha Getty in Morocco or  Margot Fonteyn escorting Rudolf Nureyev after a performance at the Royal Ballet! The silhouettes were flattering without being over the top a really beautiful collection with many highlights.

    Jeremy Scott  - Spring 2012

    I've known Jeremy Scott since  his London days and long nights at the Groucho club with Kate Moss.

    He has long been the bad boy of fashion without a care in the world if his collections sells yet their is a childish all most poking fun at the world presence in his spring 2012 show, between the boys in chaps and thongs to the fringed cowgirl dress and cactus prints you expected Ms. Kitty to close the show.

    These are not small productions between models, make-up artist, stylist, lighting, music and a producer, shows can run in excess of $200,000 , the end result is to intrigue the public and capture the buyers attention well Jeremy you captured mine!

    And how was your day? –Brad Boles

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