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  • Anna Sui Spring 2013 Playful, Solid Collection With De Rigueur Rocker Edge


    Anna Sui Spring 2013 Runway Review:  The most darling, goth girls rocked down the runway to a Ramones soundtrack at Anna Sui’s Spring 2013 show, reminding us that rock n’ roll will never die and it can indeed be pretty.  Very pretty.

    Sui remains consistent with her edginess by showcasing ripped stockings, metal studs, leather, and chain collars; and the sweetness comes in a slightly Victorian dollhouse way with pale pinks, intricate laces, poofy dresses, and jade pendants.  Then let’s throw in a splash of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ – those adorable monster ear, bejeweled hats – and we have a wild collection!


    Unless you are seventeen and living in the Lower East Side, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these pieces together – it’s a bit contrived.  Mixing and matching into your existing wardrobe some hard moto jackets or precious lace dresses is a much preferred option.  The oversize anorak jackets here are needed layering pieces, along with a very open knit black sweater.

    My favorites are the dresses, and they are perfect for a fun and rambuncious Spring party!  The studded shoes and clear clutches are perfect accessories to add to your collection, even if that’s all you buy from the line.

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     It’s a solid collection true to Sui’s playful, I’m-never-growing-attitude, and for the young, punk in us, there is something here.  A small handful of items looked a bit on the Kmart-side, so check the quality and fabric, but a big go-ahead are all the lace pieces – so go be pretty, and if you can’t deal, then throw on a studded leather jacket and a black metal collar.  And I’ll see you at Webster Hall! — Alix Kivlin

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    Photos & Words: Alix Kivlin

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