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  • The Big Squish- Top 10 Anti-Cellulite Products Global Beauty Round Up


    Squish This, Get Rid of That:
    It’s that time of year again and we are all on the search for anti-cellulite products that work. Or, work more than enough to keep us just a bit happier and getting dressed that much easier… even strategically cut out swimsuits cannot hide cellulite on your thighs.

    While ridding cellulite permanently or completely from a cream may be wishful thinking for many of us, getting a very noticeable amount of smoothness and self-confidence really is a good thing. Here’s a global round up from France, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Spain, and right here in the USA of some new and old faithful anti-cellulite products to add to your diet, exercise and clean living regimen and help improve the appearance of orange peel looking skin in thirty days.

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     Murad Firm and Tone Serum- click to buy at Sephora

    Murad Firm and Tone Serum for cellulite & stretch mark management- click to buy at Sephora

    1  & 2) Murad Firm and Tone Serum for cellulite and stretchmark management gave me a bit of a scare at first as the area where the gel was applied turned red. Luckily, the label  explains that it is “a normal reaction resulting from the ingredients that help increase the circulation and should only last a few minutes.”  Phew.

    The good news is that it is one of the best anti-cellulite products that I’ve tried!  The product label also claims to improve the overall appearance of skin up to 80%. Recommended to use in concert with Murad Body Firming Cream.

    WOW: The Daily Mail reader's amazing results after 4 weeks of taking the Karin Herzog anti-cellulite Dymanic Duo challenge.

    WOW: The Daily Mail reader's amazing results after 4 weeks of taking the Karin Herzog anti-cellulite Dymanic Duo challenge.


     3 & 4) Karin Herzog Switzerland Silhouette anti-celluite cream and  Karin Herzog Switzerland Tonus B12 draining body cream is what the brand calls its “Dynamic Duo’ for its unique oxygen based formula.

    Kate Middleton is said to be a fan of Karin Herzog Oxygen face creams- no anti-cellulite cream need for the Princess’ pins for sure.

    Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue, and Uma Thurman are said to be Dynamic Duo fans, along with the women who dared to bare for a Daily Mail UK challenge and showed amazing results as pictured here.

    Smells delish too! Get at Karin Herzog online.


    CelluDestock Intensive Treatment for the Appearance of Cellulite from Vichy, the go-to treatment brand for many French woman

    CelluDestock Intensive Treatment for the Appearance of Cellulite from Vichy, the go-to treatment brand for many French woman. Clcik to buy at Amazon


    5 & 6) Vichy Cellu Destock Intensive Treatment for the Appearance of Cellulite from Vichy Laboratories France, the go-to brand for many French women that was founded 80 years ago by a dermatologist and medical director of the Vichy Thermal Treatment Center, uses caffeine and Lipocidine™  to accelerate cellulite reduction in areas that stock fat– like hips, thighs, and buttocks– for what the brand claims to be a visible loss of up to one cellulite grade in 4 weeks.

    The unique ingredient of  Lipocidine is said to be scientifically proven to aid in the expression of a protein the breakdown of excess lipids stocked in adipose (fat) tissue.. all that scientific gobbledy gook that flushes out our gobbledy gook sounds like a win-win to me.

    Is your tummy less than taught too? Vichy Destock Stomach is the new product launch that was created for active women to help boost the results of exercise and refine abdomen skin with claims to looking up to 70% firmer in 28 days. Feels-oh-so-tightening on touch!  Get Vichy at Ulta Beauty.



    7) Founded by four beauty experts, from London comes Mama Mio Skincare Shrink To Fit Hip & Thigh Cream formulated zap cellulite with its trademarked adiposlim, plus caffeine, horsetail, quinoa, and seaweed extract. The whimsically named bottle has 95 pumps worth of smoothy goodness and was voted best cellulite cream by both Cosmopolion and Elle Magazine and has nine active lumpy bumpy fighting ingredients, and six are to boost circulation. Get at


    8) L’Occitane En Provence Amande Coures Exquises Cellulite Control with Almond tree bud is as yummy smelling as a morning in Provence and maybe you’ll get French girl legs too… the mild tingly tightening feel is very pleasant! Get at


    9) Founded in the 1800’s by a German naturopath, Kneipp continues the holistic philosophy of its founder. The Anti-Cellulite Kneipp-Kur suite based on grape seed oil for surface anti-aging benefits along with sandalwood fruit extract to help stimulate circulation and improve the skin’s natural elasticity. Kneipp Anti-Cellulite products include Intensive Cream, Exfoliating Body Scrub, and Body Massage Oil with claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite after two weeks of use. Available at


    10) If you happen to visit Barcelona, Farmacia Barcelona Gel Frío Anticelutíco is one of the better products I’ve tried. Stock up on your next trip to Spain for some “slimming through cold effect and seaweed extracts” that shows a visible difference after a few weeks!

    Do you have any anti-cellulite products or treatments that you want to share? Please comment below…


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