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  • Letters to the Editor on uncovering the appeal of fake fur


    Letters to the Editor

    Readers respond to our suggestion on recycling fur yesterday here:

    THANKS for the GREAT column /article about fake fur and how it is the way to go, rather than wearing real animal fur. Good job!! You have a new fan/devotee. –S.W. (Woodbury, CT)

    Yay! To Slamming Real Fur! I love your message of not be cruel to be cool. It shows to people that they don’t have wear a real animal’s coat to be “in”, but that they can fake the real look. This is totally cool. Cruelty is not right and I think you should publish more articles like this. Thanx –O.S.(Linclon Park, MI)

    I agree that killing animals for their fur is creepy–and I get frustrated with fur lovers claiming it’s their “right” to wear fur. I’m not sure where in the Constitution it refers to the “right” to pay a lot of money to have someone else torture animals. The Constitution allows freedom of expression so they have the “right” to look like haggard, heartless hookers–and I guess I have the right to tell ’em so.

    Thanks for being warm and fuzzy to animals. -K.B.(Seattle, WA)

    I just recently read your article titled “Fake Fur Real Style,” and I wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! So many “fashion” articles are completely ignorant of the torture and cruel deaths that over 41 million innocent creatures are being subjected to in order to put their skins on the backs of humans. Either that, or worse — they just don’t care. While fashion & style are important to me and most people, it’s not so incredibly  important that I would be willing to kill for it. So, I just wanted to thank you for showing some compassion, and speaking up for the animals. You guys rock! -C.(Millbrae, CA)

    Thanks from the 750,000 members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and humane people everywhere for your cool warm-hearted article promoting fake fur over creepy, cruel real fur (“Fake Fur, Real Style,” Dec. 1). We love your term “cool gone caring.” Since much fake fur these days looks so much like real fur, anyone who wants to make sure people know it isn’t can just pin a “NO FUR” button to their lapel and go on their merry way. The buttons are available at  -C.B.(Norfolk, Va.)

    This is a dynamite website. I am going to make you my home page!!! Thank you so much for standing up for animals during this holiday season with your faux furs. They are wonderful! -M.R. (Harpersville, AL)

    GO FAUX!! To say I was thrilled with your article on faux fur is putting it mildly. How wonderful of you to remind people who may be considering buying clothing made of, or decorated with fur, or any other part of a once living, breathing, innocent creature that we don’t need fur. We’ve come a long way since prehistoric man and woman. We don’t need fur for warmth or beauty. When I see someone wearing it, yes, it is rather creepy. My faux fur hat is off to you Focus on Style! –M.D. (Lexington, MA)

    Thank you for your recent article that pointed out the quality and compassion of fake furs. Hopefully, many will learn from your wisdom. -L.R.(Collegeville, PA)

    Thanks so much for your article about real and faux fur. I have seen so many people wearing fur this season, and it’s been driving me crazy because millions of animals really are tortured so people can wear this stuff. (Did you know it takes 60 minks to make one average-length coat?!). Climbers of Mt. Everest haven’t worn fur in 40 years, so wanting to keep warm is no excuse, as there are plenty of warmer, more durable, and more affordable options. I really appreciate your reminder of the cruelty of producing fur and endorsing faux fur as a stylish AND cruelty-free choice. -N.K. (San Francisco, CA)

    Thank you for this week’s article about faux fur! As a compassionate consumer who loves the latest trends, I appreciate you giving the synthetic version of fur your endorsement. After all, it’s not caveman days – we don’t need to club our dinner and then wear its furry skin! Thank you for helping to enlighten some of those stuck in the dark ages! -A.W(Los Angeles, CA)

    Every winter I write to dozens of fashion magazines expressing my concern and frustration with their obsession with real fur garments. The response is always the same: “We know its cruel, but their are still people who wear it so that’s why we choose to promote it.” Finally, I discovered fashion publication with the conscience to encourage its readers to go faux instead jumping on the animal cruelty bandwagon. Thank you for speaking up for the 5 million animals who suffer and die for the fur trade each year. -A.P(Portland, OR)

    Fake Fur/So UNNATURAL 

    Hi, I happen to be one of the many who disagree with the wearing of synthetic fabric, especially when it comes to fur. Fur is a natural product and is raised for this purpose. The fashion of real fur is something that should not be condemned especially when you realize it is an all natural product, biodegradable, not like the synthetic product that will take thousands and thousands of years to decompose in landfills.

    Many people state that they will only eat or use real or natural foods/products but when it comes to fur, they don’t realize it is the same thing. These animals are raised for this purpose, just as animals and plants are raised for our consumption. There is a difference between ranch raised animals and hunting down endangered species for their products. I encourage people to realize the difference between the two…again, FUR, THE NATURAL WAY OF LIFE… -T.(Mishicot, WI)

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