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  • Avatar Your Image Stamp of the Social Media Kind

    Is it time to give your social avatar an Avatar Makeover? Let your social self shine..

    We make such fast judgments and while that may not always be in our favor, the truth is that it happens. So why not make the best of your personal brand with your social avatar?

    I’ve asked Sharon Daniels, our newest FocusOnStyle Contributor, to share some tips about why it is important to create a more befitting social brand YOU. — S.H.

    A great avatar and creative social media marketing is key in today’s ever evolving social networking world.

    It’s one of the best ways to attract new clients and create earning opportunities.

    Scientific research shows people connect to attractive images and faces. With your individual personification, your “avatar”, you want to make a compelling, positive and vivid impact.

    Joshua Williams, a Creative Director and Founder of “Fashion Consort”, considers the importance of social networking is “to provide the ability to go beyond normal degrees of separation. In other words, my work will reach more people. Many of my best clients came from recommendations from past clients. Obviously, taking this online is an extension of this physical client network.”

    Joshua Williams, Creative Director and Founder of "Fashion Consort", photographed by Kah Poon

    Joshua Williams, Creative Director and Founder of “Fashion Consort”, photographed by Kah Poon

    “My company Fashion Consort grew out of a need to better brand my personal work. I worked with Hemmert Studio to create a logo; color palette that translated into a website and collateral (business cards, etc.). I have since created a mini-logo avatar that I use on my site and on my social networks. And while each networking site is a little different, the brand elements stay the same. In addition, I have an image that I use often, that shows me “working” … it fits my brand aesthetic and it provides a more personal solution for my networking activities,” says Williams.

    Fine artist/painter Charlene Lanzel often uses provocative self-portraits for her social avatars.

    Fine artist/painter Charlene Lanzel often uses provocative self-portraits for her social avatars

    Fine artist/painter Charlene Lanzel is an expert at marketing her brand on these social networking sites. In fact, part of Lanzels’ clever branding is her social networking avatars, which are often provocative self-portraits. In addition, she frequently posts status updates and albums of current work, which provide her with continuing exposure to both existing and potential clients.

    Another example of incorporating strategic marketing on social networking sites is Pratima Anae, an actress and model, pictured at the top. “It’s all about keeping myself visible, because you never know when you might get a job recommendation.” First impressions count. Big time. Social networking avatar may be your first introduction to an individual or to target a group in today’s “social networking” world. — Sharon Daniels, The Skin Perfector

    Photo of Pratima Anae by Kat Randolph

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