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  • Balmain Wear It Now! New Denim – Resort 2013 Highlights


    From Balmain Resort 2013, pick-up on the new denim uniform…

    Just a few days after actress Diane Kruger wowed us in a denim dress from Chanel with a completely unexpected ladylike shape comes this ultimate in chic, of-the-moment uniforms from Balmain. Which by the way, makes for the perfect refresher course on attainable chic from the Resort 2013 collections.


    A look at extracting the trends from next season for now has our attention on Balmain’s subtly sophisticated new direction.

    Comprised of updated 80’s era relaxed suiting, the collection had a more approachable, everyday appeal with an assortment of printed blouses, shirt-dresses and separates that anyone can wear just about anywhere, anytime -and that’s quite a new direction from this ultra-glam go-to.

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    Not that head-to-toe denim hasn’t quietly made a comeback for those in the know since Celine, Chloe and Stella McCartney started featuring said looks on their runways seasons ago. But from Balmain, who’d have thought pleated denim trousers and an easy-chic denim top would ever come?

    But oh boy is it a winner. It looks instantly cool and can get you through so many seasons to come while being astoundingly versatile. Separate the two and pair away, or throw a camel coat over it come fall time -easy chic never came so easy! Something you can take note of here is a smart silhouette that sits away from the body in a unique shade of denim with details restricted to only classic elements.

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    And while Balmain may not be accessible for everyone, there’s no reason you can’t take note from the easy sophistication that the look radiates while bringing an entirely new meaning to the term ‘denim tuxedo.’ Take full advantage of the style notes offered here as the only effort it’ll take is to keep it restrained –if you want to.

    Since you’re working with denim the options on which direction you can go are about as endless as a blank canvas…

    Find that perfect summer denim ensemble like this one from Balmain:

    • Look for fits that riff on classic suiting and sit away from the body
    • Avoid bells and whistles, the major caveat is this look’s elegance
    • While less is more, skip overwrought design elements and clingy volumes
    • Keep your options on the polished side, look for sturdy denim to give the look a more luxe vibe
    • Remember, the more classic the denim the more it may have a conservative yield yet it boasts a sense of ease on the wear and superior versatility — Naveed Hussain

    Forever-Chic Denim Online Now:

    Photo: Balmain

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