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  • Killing Me Softy With Your Song, Barney as Punishment

    Killing Me Softy With Your Song, Barney as Punishment

    Calling the kettle black…


    Little did we know that what has induced an insurmountable auditory cringe factor for us is punishment for others as well. Violators of a noise ordinance in Fort Lupton, Colorado are forced to listen to the likes of Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Barry Manilow as a form of punishment for blasting their stereos too loud. The judge says it’s a way to teach youngsters manners.


    May we please add the Broadway soundtrack of Sarah Jessica Parker starring in Annie? Long before Sex and the City was a scratch in a Jimmy Choo innersole, SJP, a child actress with a lovely curly hairdo, screeched out the Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow… bet your bottom dollar that this musical ditty can leave some scarring memories.


    Sorry, we couldn’t find the full “Annie” wig and costume clip, but this special appearance video should give you the idea. Thank the fashion lords that she has grown up! So, what makes you cringe?






    –November 27, 2008

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