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  • Live from Madison Avenue, it’s the 35th Anniversary of SNL, Barney’s style!

    Prymaat Conehead takes up residence in Barney's Christmas windows

    Saturday Night Live for its Holiday WindowsDo you really want to see another red sequin gown in a Christmas window? Probably not.

    But oh so festive funnies just may hit the spot to have a hoot and then go shopping.

    Barney’s New York Creative Director Simon Doonan continues to outdo his sense of wit and whimsy in retail display with his wildly quirky 24th year dressing the Barney’s holiday windows.

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    35 years of SNL

    The Saturday Night Live theme windows have favorite characters from seasons past and present from Steve Martin‘s King Tut to Tina Fey‘s Sarah Palin and almost everyone iconic character before, after, and in between.

    It’s must-see TV.

    Saturday Night Live, Barney's style!

    Saturday Night Live, Barney’s style!

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