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  • Beauty Product Launch: M. Steves Rose Hip Seed Oil Helps You Look Ageless Longer

    M. Steves

    Just in time for a Mother’s Day gift idea… Don’t send beautiful flowers, send rose hip beauty by way of M. Steves!

    Face it, roses die but what’s inside can keep Mom (and you) looking radiant.

    Just launched is M. Steves’ first line of skincare product based on the natural, power-packed Rose Hip Seed Oil.

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    Mally Steves Chakola, the creator of  the line stumbled upon the benefits of rose hip seed oil (RHSO) after accidentally purchasing it and creating her own conconction.  But her light bulb moment came “after I unconsciously rubbed the excess moisturizer cocktail on my left leg where I had a noticeable keloid scar from a near-fatal car accident. After just two weeks of repeating the habit, the 18-year-old scar’s discoloration looked dramatically reduced and the raised surface appeared smaller.”

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    Mally researched the anti-aging and rejuvenating qualities of RHSO which led to the formulation of a line of five multi-use, multi-benefit beauty products.  Nothing smells sweeter than looking good!

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    Photo: M. Steves

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