Beauty Product Reviews and Tips- Conceal Dark Circles and How to Sculpt Your Face

The challenge to conceal dark circles started our product search & ended with a fantastic little box of tricks known to fashion and movie make-up artists for over a hundred years!

I have been in the fashion, music video and film world as a make-up artist for over 25 years. Sharon Haver put me to the challenge to find the best dark circle concealer that does not look caked or dry for under and over eyes, and a great way to sculpt your face.

The goal was to find products that were easy-to-use and worked for a more sophisticated age of woman– not a teenybopper who can wear sparkle and frost.

A few surprises arrived from a menagerie of companies; a lot of product ended up in the garbage.

So here it goes…

Slim or straighten your nose, make those check bones pop, conceal and contour a double chin, slenderize your forehead all in one kit.

Bobbi Brown Porcelain Peach Corrector

This is really the best thing I’ve come across in a long time "My Sculpted Face Palette," by It Cosmetics is a step-by-step guide with a slide out chart to help you become the most flawless you.

The great thing about this kit it is complete with custom shades of matte pressed powders that closely match the natural shadows created by our facial features– matte is what you want at a certain age or when you are being photographed.

The contour shadow absorbs light and makes areas appear smaller. When applying your highlighting shade (I prefer the white matte), it attracts light and makes areas more prominent. Always use a firm brush to blend and soften the total effect; try It Cosmetics Buffer Brush.

The great thing about this product is it will work with all skin tones!

As for concealing those dark circles….

Cle de Peau Correcteur Visgae Concealer

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, also from It Cosmetics, is moist and really covers those dark circles and comes in a few shades that are blended to match any skin tone… bonus, they developed it with plastic surgeons in Brazil.

These are some other great concealer’s that stand alone. Bobbi Brown Porcelain Peach Corrector works wonders on light to medium toned skin.

Cle De Peau has a "Correcteur Visage Concealer" that I’ve used for many years and does a great jobs with hard to match undertones.

As a less pricey alternative, e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter is rich but not heavy. The two-sided wand gives you light coverage with a highlighter tip for the inside corners of the eye.

This make-up diet is sure to work for everybody. I say get it today ladies and be Hollywood perfect! –Brad Boles

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