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  • Beauty in Balance: Confidence and its role in everlasting beauty

    Boost self-confidence by making yourself a confidence boosting mantra

    Part Two: The beauty of self-confidence…

    Did you ever notice how when you’re feeling confident, happy, positive and I-feel-oh-so-fabulous people tell you how great you look? Well, that’s no surprise. The authentic quality of confidence is the oldest beauty secret in the book.

    No bronzer or shimmery blush can create it. Not even high lights, low lights or a blow out can produce that internal shine that comes from a truly confident woman.

    Woman, you need confidence with where you are in your life, career-wise, relationship-wise, body-wise, health-wise. If you don’t love and accept yourself right here, right now, it doesn’t matter what beauty tip you apply; you will always be missing something.??

    In Chinese Medicine theory, confidence comes from a mind and heart that are in harmony. A woman with her mind and heart in harmony speaks her truth, expresses not represses her emotions, manages her stress, goes for what she wants and has the ability to find peace every day.

    ?Here are a few sure-fire tips to start boosting your confidence NOW:

    – Give yourself some alone time in the bathroom. Get used to looking at yourself in the mirror, beyond what it takes to put make-up on. I want you to look into your own eyes and see YOU. This is harder than you think, because the truth is a lot of people don’t like themselves. So I want you to stare deeply into your own eyes and then say sweet, confidence-boosting and loving things like “I love you.”, “You rock.” and “You’re the most beautiful women I’ve ever met.” Do this until you believe yourself. It could take longer than you think. Practice every day. Do this every day for the rest of your life. Yes, this may sound cheesy, but you should take this exercise seriously as women who love themselves are MUCH more beautiful than women who don’t.

    – Make yourself a confidence boosting mantra. Now, we all have some “thing” that we just do NOT like about our aesthetic beauty. Maybe it’s your eyebrow furrow, your nose or a new found blemish. Maybe it’s your body shape, your thighs, your hips, your belly or your boobs. I want you to find this one thing and learn to LET IT GO! Here’s how: Get out a piece of paper and make yourself a mantra. Write out the following: I love and accept ____________ (fill in the blank with your “thing”), this part of myself. This ______________ (insert “thing” here) is part of who I am and I love ALL of me. I accept myself as I am now. I am a confident and beautiful woman. I love myself.

    – After you’ve written down your mantra, I want you to walk over to the mirror, look lovingly into your own eyes and repeat the mantra to yourself, over and over again. You can create several mantras if need be and choose to work on one of them per week.
    Call me crazy, but these tools work. Look deep into your own eyes and let yourself know that no matter what wrinkle or blemish or cellulite-ish spot, you will always love and accept yourself. You will always be beautiful and confident. Even if you don’t believe it at this moment, talk yourself into it.
    Every woman, even the Giselles and the Jen Anistons, all have something about their internal and external appearance they may not like. It’s part of human nature. But if you don’t love and accept yourself entirely—blemishes, big butts and all—you’ll be missing a key element to your outer beauty: inner confidence. Not to mention that once you own that inner confidence you will have the gall to make the changes your life is longing for- like treating your insides right, getting to the gym more often or reinvigorating your career.

    Darlin, true beauty is more than just aesthetics; it is a balanced state of radiant internal health and abundant confidence that creates the most fulfilled and beautiful woman EVER! Rock on with your bad self!Aimee E. Raupp

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