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  • Beauty Tips: Take the fright out of winter damaged hair with protein hair conditioners

    Pretty hair is an easy do!

    Protein power for pretty hair…

    If you are like many of us at this cold and dry time of year, your hair is, how shall I say… scary!

    This is especially true on the days when it is so dry that the electricity in the air makes your hair look like a fright movie. Expand that crazy frizz if you have chemically treated hair. Don’t get me started… you have got yourself a recipe for dry, damaged and downright scary hair!

    What does all this have to do with protein you ask?

    Well, I bet that most of you are familiar with the benefits of moisture during winter weather and how it quenches the thirst of dry and parched skin and hair. But did you know that you also need protein in your hair conditioners just as much or even more than moisture?

    It is true.

    Most– but not all– hair conditioners focus their preparative qualities on moisture, which is fine. However, I am here to tell you that you must also have proteins in your conditioners to keep hair “strong like bull!” Protein will keep your hair from breakage and in many cases, can totally change hair texture from limp, over-processed, or damaged to a soft, smooth, and downright beautiful mane.

    There are a few hair products on the market that contain protein. If you want the most bang for your buck and also the most noticeable immediate results, then go for the hair products that are only protein and are not combined with moisture.

    These conditioners come in basically two categories: plant and human proteins. The most effective, and the one I have seen the most dramatic results from, is a plant protein formula called, Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment…huh? I bet you have never heard of it before, right?

    Well, it is an old school trade secret that I have rarely written about but use on many of my clients. It has saved more hair than I can tell you. I especially recommend this for those of you with highly processed hair such as heavily highlighted, one process hi-lift, bleached, relaxed and or any combo of the above! Use it prior to any chemical service and then use it once a month for maintenance.

    Follow the package directions exactly because it is a strange and unconventional application process–and, it is stinky! LOL, but soooo worth it Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment is hard to find but then again we are in the age of the Internet… I have even seen it in regular Beauty Supplies where you do not have to be licensed to buy products.

    As for other honorary protein mentions the following are also good alternatives for pure protein. Penetraitt by Sebastian and K-Pak by Joico.Always follow these protein treatments with your favorite moisturizing conditioner.

    Here’s to Protein Power!! – Mr. Beauty Tips

    Aphogee available at:


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