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    Beauty makeover without a doctor… DIY tips to look better, appear 10 years younger naturally

    DIY tips to look better, appear 10 years younger naturally

    Dear Sharon: I must admit it. I have become a junkie for all those TV makeover shows and would love to look better myself. But as much as I’m influenced by the fantastic results I see on television, I’m a little afraidto go under the knife or needle.

    More important, I honestly cannot afford plastic surgery or the maintenance of many cosmetic procedures. I would like to age gracefully, but some outside help to look as young as possible wouldn’t be so bad either. Isn’t there a way to look 10 years younger naturally or at least better without a medical procedure? Quest for a Natural Beauty Makeover (Boston, MA)

    Dear Natural Beauty: Looking 10 years younger is not just a swipe on the calendar or some plastic surgery magic, it’s a state of mind– a mind, that stays open to new ideas to keep modern, vital, and, young. A fuddy-duddy appearance and dated viewpoint are the easiest ways to clock some excessive years on your perceived age. Now, how to look younger…
    Plastic surgery is neither right nor wrong; it’s a personal choice that should be respected. If something about your appearance bothers you, take measures to improve upon it. Beauty is absolutely subjective, but how you see yourself is what counts. No body is born “perfect,” it’s all in the perception of how you present yourself and how others see you. Learn to make the most of what you’ve got to create your own personal look. Believe that you are beautiful. Tweak your so-called imperfections to become your distinctive features. Generic “classic beauty” can be downright boring, learn to be an individual and a unique beauty who loves herself.

    While a good cosmetic or plastic surgeon can make an incredible difference on your appearance, too much of a good thing could look extremely unnatural and downright bizarre. You must know when to stop— excessive plastic surgery can produce freaky, alien-like results. A little wrinkle here and there that shows a face full of life, I think, is far more attractive than being pulled tighter than a drum with a permanent look of surprise or looking like one of the many non-distinctive Barbie clones.

    If you chose surgery, familiarize yourself with your perspective doctor’s work and credentials, and know when to say enough is enough. As in any medical procedure, there is a certain amount of risk involved and a hefty price tag.

    Before rushing to get under the knife or needle, first try to learn to accept the skin you are in. Cosmetic procedures are only a portion of looking great. Feel confident about your attractiveness and make yourself look the best that you can on a given day. Accept that everyone is allowed to have a bad day, here and there. When you feel great about yourself, you have the self-confidence to take on what life throws you.

    Maintain what you have by continuing to take care of yourself. Learn the tips to looking vital, and attractive:

    Avoid excessive sun exposure as much as possible and always wear sun protection. If you don’t believe me, look at the skin quality of friends who have been sun worshipers and of those who have been sun smart, the difference is more than apparent. Avoid tanning beds. Try to walk on the shady side of the street when possible. If you want a bronze glow, fake a bake with self-tanners.

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moist skin and shiny hair are signs of youth. Stick to a good skincare regime and find an anti-aging product that works for your skin type. Never spend a day without properly hydrating your skin to maintain its inherent luminescence and always use a conditioner suited for your hair type after shampooing. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

    Always have a modern hair style and be sure hair color and texture are in tiptop shape. There is nothing more aging than a woman with a stiff, dated hairdo. Rethink your hairstyle at least every 2 years.

    Explore style out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid that if you dress stylishly, you’ll be dressing too young. It’s the opposite: a fresh sense of style keeps you looking alive rather than dated and dowdy.

    Never wear any retro trend exactly the same way you wore it the first time it was in fashion. Tweak the details to avoid getting trapped in a fashion time warp.

    Keep your wardrobe modern. Just because you can’t remember how old something is, don’t think others can’t either. Purchase a few key trends every season to update your wardrobe and stay fresh.

    Select clothing that suits the shape you are in at this moment, not how you looked 5 years ago.

    Maintain white teeth. Yellow, discolored teeth instantly put years on your face. It’s so easy and inexpensive to whiten teeth at home now that white teeth are no longer a sign of the rich and famous, but a sign that you take pride in your appearance.

    Stay fit.Try to stay physically active and in the best shape that you can and make your best effort to eat healthfully at all times.

    Be open to new ideas. Have fun with life, enjoy, love, participate, learn, stay open-minded, and find your passion. Don’t have a stagnant attitude. Be receptive to changes in the world around you. Keep your mind as alert as possible, be aware of current events, pop culture, politics, and get a hobby to express your creative talents. Have the ability to have a conversation with someone ten years younger than you and not be considered an old foggy!

    –January 3, 2005

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