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  • Bell Bottom Flare Jeans, yeah baby, they’re looking so right again

    FEELING GROOVY flare bell bottoms

    Instant Style Uplift: For both your butt and spirits!

    If you’re looking for a quick style update that’s right for summer and beyond, look no further than a pair of bell bottom flare jeans.

    The wide leg jean is creeping back into style and looks and so right.

    Pair them with some wedge espadrilles for instant height, your  platform sandals to raise your butt, and if you’re leggy, a pair of Birks for off-handed charm.

    Even I, miss fear of white pants, bought a pair of chalky flares and have all intention of wearing them with a tush-covering top. They look so chic when paired with a classic sharp shouldered blazer from now into early fall.

    I am partial to a frayed hem, so don’t worry about the tailor and grab a rair of scissors and pull the threaded hem through.

    Try them, you’ll like them…

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    Original Publish Date: July 14, 2014

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