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  • Best platform wedge sandals comfy enough for diehard flat-wearers

    Robert Clergerie 'Arco' Espadrille at Nordstrom


    How to find a flattering shoe with a bit of ‘lift’ when you are a flats devotee.

    Hey Sharon– love your piece on the best platform shoes of the season. I, however, am a chronic flat-wearer; the height of my footwear varies only if I wear thick socks with my Adidas.

    Which are the best (ie easiest) platform pairs to wear that won’t send me to my local podiatrist … know any good ones?!- (New York, NY via e-mail)


    You funny lady, sounds like you’re digging for hubby’s digits. Yes, to the rest of you, my husband is a foot doctor, however that has never made a noticeable style difference in the hundreds of shoes that occupy my closet. Most have some sort of heel, which I am by far more comfortable wearing.

    Kork-Ease ‘Nova’

    >> SHOP: Wedge Shoes and Low Heel Shoes

    However, if you are not used to wearing a heel and are comfortable wearing a flat shoe, what my husband NYC podiatrist Dr. Michael Scanlon suggests is to look for a platform sandal or shoe that has an equal height in the platform and heel, which essentially makes it a flat with a bit of lift to the sole. This is usually easier to find in a platform wedge style.

    Robert Clergerie comes to mind as a designer shoe brand that almost always has this style in its line. The funky Robert Clergerie ‘Arco’ Espadrille from Nordstrom is pictured above.

    The doc adds that most people are more comfortable wearing a 1″ to 1 ?” height difference because they are used to wearing some kind of heel. If diehard heel wearers wore a total flat shoe style they could potentially wind up with heel, arch or calf pain from strained muscles. Ouch.

    Personally, I’m most comfy in skyscraper platform wedges that don’t have much of an incline from front to back but offer both a pretty angle for your leg and support so your don’t wobble without sacrificing height. The platform is not only stylish but, for me, absorbs the shock of racing around on city streets in wimpy-soled shoes.

    As far as the socks with sneaks go, in full disclosure, I know who the writer of this letter is and she’s a former fashion editrix who can pull just about anything off with her personal style, but don’t you go thinking that the thick socks are a good thing!

    Take a look at some of these platform wedge styles that mimic a flat to low heel shoe:


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