What’s the best vintage clothing to buy? Get insider advice from Cameron Silver, the ultimate vintage connoisseur !

We all love a good piece of vintage around here. As a matter of fact, having the opportunity to chat with Cameron Silver, the ultimate vintage clothing connoisseur, owner of the super fabulous Decades boutique (you’ve seen the luxe loves on many a red carpet, and the star of Bravo’s ‘Dukes of Melrose‘ reality TV show) has me thinking.

Thinking of some forgotten vintage finds in my closet.

Timeless pieces that I want to start revisiting, like a YSL smoking suit, a Geoffrey Beene emsemble (better as separates), my mom’s Rudi Gernreich jumper, and a lacy Victorian jacket.  That’s the best part of really great vintage, it’s like an old friend that you want to celebrate in a new way for years to come.

Let’s hear the master’s tips on the best vintage clothing to include in your wardrobe in our exclusive interview with Cameron Silver. S.H.

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We talked to Cameron about what to look for when shopping vintage, what to avoid, what is the best vintage clothing to buy, and what makes vintage a smart option in this day & age of fast fashion.

FoS: What elevates a certain piece (besides designer), to an iconic status? How do you hone in on forecasting future classics when you look at current fashion?

CS:: Something that captures the cultural zeitgeist of the season along with becoming an editorial favorite as well as shifting the state of fashion has a strong chance of becoming iconic.

FoS: How would you prescribe managing the perfect balance of mixing the old with the new?

CS: Never wear head-to-toe vintage unless you are in a period production of a play or movie. Let the vintage be the conversation piece and mix it with your modern to keep the look fresh.

FoS: Where do you see the future of the vintage market heading as the current market hi & lo continues to flood with products?

CS: Things become vintage at some a breakneck pace. Something a few years old is suddenly considered neo-vintage if the piece was limited in its production or the designer/brand is no longer in business.

FoS:Even if solely for inspiration, which five designers past & present, would you say are ones to make an impact in fashion history?

CS: Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Rudi Gernreich, Halston, Rick Owens


FoS: Are there any key vintage pieces or styles you think every woman should consider?

CS: The perfect LBD aka little black dress, vintage YSL jewel tone blouse, a great goddess gown, dramatic costume jewelry piece, an iconic status handbag.


FoS: When shopping vintage (outside of Decades of course), what red flags do you look for on condition?

CS: Avoid moth holes, odor issues, and arm pit stains. Cant save it.


FoS: Aside from the red carpet, vintage has become a practical, accessible and fun part of everyday dressing, are there any common mistakes or things to avoid that you’ve taken note of?

CS: Your vintage needs to look modern. If you focus on selections that look current and realize that vintage dictates today’s trends, I am confident your selections will be wise.

Up Close:
Cameron Silver is a world renowned designer, red carpet trendsetter and owner of Decades; a high-end vintage boutique that brought a new standard to everyday dress in L.A.

Eastern residents will be able to enjoy the rare opportunity to hear Cameron speak & shop his collection in-person at a specially-cultivated Monclair, NJ trunk show on April 9th at the Montclair Arts Museum’s “Luncheon, Lecture and Trunk Show” celebrating their centennial on April 9th from 11-3PM. For the chance to hear his journey through fashion and shop Silver’s line from DECADES, tickets are available at www.montclairartmuseum.org.

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