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    Sex and the City


    Most Frequently Asked Reader Question: My image is in the toilet and I suddenly decided to care about how I look. Help! (this is a paraphrased compilation, of course)

    Most Over Abused Hair Fad: The Charlie’s Angels Farrah do— it really only looked hot on Farrah on its first fashion go round.

    Hair Trend That Makes the Most Sense: The Bob. The classic cut that is great on most, including Vogue Editor Anna Wintour who is responsible for making this a headline do.

    The Flavor of Most Weeks: Celebrities replaced supermodels who replaced regular models as the coveted magazine cover queens. Socialites replaced actors who replaced models as the bold face in gossip columns.

    Most Exhausting Fashion Phenomenon: Celebrities morphing into walking, talking advertisements for a designer’s latest creation. Whatever happened to personal style?

    Trend More Popular On Runways Than Real-Ways: The furry vest never did make it as the item of the season as much as it showed up in just about every Fall fashion show. Aw well, it still is cute.

    Most Furriest Females on Television: Survivor, who has time for a quick pit, one-two shave when rats are on the menu?

    Most Turned Out Chicks on Television: The babes on Sex and the City may act like their curlers were turned too tight, but they sure look together.

    Most Overexposed Body Part: Belly baring outshowing pouring cleavage and only the randiest simultaneously baring both.

    Most Aging Fashion Trend: Ladylike gone too literalů remember, the Queen Mum was never a fashion icon.

    Most Requested Item to Search For: Pantyhose!?!?!

    Most Logical Demise: Bare legs in winter are out, pantyhose is in. Hallelujah!

    Trend That Spans The Most Decades: Razor Scooters raised my favorite Teletubbie, Po, to innovator status for those scoot-crazing 2 to 82 year olds.

    Most Crossover Trend: Snowboarder chic

    Most Overworked Accessory: Pashmina, yes Miss Buffy, it is passÚ.

    Second Most Overworked Accessory: The Baguette Handbag.

    Most Welcomed Addition: The return of color and, this time, people are really wearing it.

    Scariest Underground Beauty Revival: The perm strikes back.

    Inchworm Trend: Thicker, yet still groomed, eyebrows are creeping their way back in fashion.

    Most Likely to Succeed: Denim, the universal fashion equalizer, elevated to star status.

    Most Baffling Sighting: President Elect George W. Bush openly chewing gum.

    Most Underused Form Of Expression: Thank you. Muchas gracias. Grazie tante. Merci boucoup. Abrigato. And, a gazillion thanks to all of you who grant me the time to be loyal readers of this column. A healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year to all.

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