Big Date Hair…

How To Glam Up In No Time

Big Date Hair by top hairstylist Charles Worthington – Stylething at Focus On Style

Fudge puppies! How could you possibly not realize that today wast-h-e day???!!!

Don’t get your tresses in a tangle… pick up a book and find out how to have impact-making, glamorous hair in a snap!

A book, you ask! Aren’t all hair how-to books full of fancy-pants, self-important hairdresser tips that only an ambidextrous octopus could master on her own???

Well, you can toss that cute chapeau away. Look at Big Date Hair– part of the Dream Hair series– by London hair guru Charles Worthington.

Part funky cartoons, part gorgeous photographs, all how-to… this book follows the paths of four fierce fictional characters and how they master big date hair!

Oooh, this is not about Dolly Parton big hair. This is about modern vixen hair that rocks… sexy plaits, power bob straight, creative color, fabulous fakes, the perfect up-do, and all the don’ts to watch out for.

One quick read and you’ll be having your very own Tressy doll moment.

-November 27, 2001

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