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  • When The Bowtie Breaks, oh baby..


    Tips to black tie style

    Never could figure out if a man overly comfortable in a tuxedo was really a good thing. It seems the more rugged the guy is, the more black tie gets complicated.

    Listen, even sports legends can have a bad tux night. I was at “An Evening Under the Colorado Sky,” an event to benefit The Silver Lining Foundation when John McEnroe’s bow tie took a nosedive beyond repair. The guy may be able to clip across the tennis court like nobody’s business, but his clip-on tie was not about to behave.

    Hey, McEnroe looks super cool in a tux sans tie and he was there to support children with cancer and not his personal GQ, but you may not be so suave.
    Cough up some cash to help these kids and follow Sal Cesarani’s advice on how to tie a bowtie… it’s all in the knack.

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