Bridging The Gap: Age is Just a Number with Personal Style Blogger Laura Jansen [7 Days to Amazing Podcast]

#BridgingTheGap – Age is really just a number…

Age, does it define us? Should it shape the way we see the world? How much better would life be if we could only appreciate the knowledge that every generation can offer to each other? What if there was a way to start bridging the gap?

On this week’s episode of the 7 Days to Amazing Podcast, we help to bridge the gap between a millennial and a mid-lifer in a revolutionary campaign that will teach us that age is simply just a number and the attitude and the way you are looking at life is what truly matters in the end.

I’m proud to be part of the Bridging the Gap movement where 200 mid-lifers and millennials come together to make the world a bit closer, if not for only today.

In my little universe, I see so many mid-lifers and beyond who just can’t grasp the validity of the Internet, let alone how their visual image affects them in their business, especially if they are entrepreneurs or small business owners.

Then there is the millennial generation who seems to have been born with an iPhone in its face and thinks nothing of sharing their photos and visual images with ease.

If you ever wanted to know not only what a personal style blogger is but how you can take your own style photos, then this episode is really for you!

As a mid-lifer, rather than discounting the merit of photos, the internet or your presence, let’s take a few minutes to learn from the younger generation and help make the world a more understanding place. You might just grow your business from it too!

What you’ll learn in today’s episode:

  • The Bridging the Gap Campaign – where 100 millennials and 100 midlife influencers are coming together to blur boundaries with the belief that we are stronger together.
  • Learn about the heart and soul of what matters most to all women.
  • Learn more about blogging and the millennial generational approach on the visual society.
  • Plus, tested photo tips, tricks and blogging techniques to help you and your content shine.

It’s time to tune in…


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Visit or @laurajensen_1

Read Laura Jansen’s post about bridging the gap with me, here

About #BridgingTheGap:

Today is an exciting day with the launch of an unprecedented campaign, “Bridging the Gap,” where 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife Influencers are coming together to blur the boundaries as we believe we are stronger together.

We are putting an end to the labels and divisions that no longer serve us as age is simply a number, while it’s your attitude  and way of looking at life that truly matters.

We are women supporting women, along with a few brave men joining in the celebration. We are coming together to send a powerful message that we choose to be seen for who we are rather than be defined by our ages. We believe in a world without separation.

We believe that we are far stronger together. Please join us in this revolutionary campaign as it’s the hearts and souls of the women that truly matter in the end.

Check out the other influencers bridging the gap, here.

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Bridging The Gap Raw Episode Transcription…

Announcer: Welcome to the 7 Days to Amazing Podcasts where you learn how you make your life, business and style even more amazing in the next week. Now your host, Sharon Haver, of Helping you live the life that others only dream about so you can be the best at being you.

Sharon Haver: Hello Chicsters, I’m Sharon Haver and you are about to be amazed. I have something really special today; it is a different topic on this episode of the 7 Days to Amazing. It is the launch of the unprecedented campaign called “Bridging the gap” where 100 millennials and 100 midlife influencers are coming together to blur the boundaries as we believe that we are stronger together. So let me share some of the movements manifested that was created by our Founder Catherine Grace O’Connell. We’re putting an end to the labels and the visions that no longer service at an age that is simply a number while it is your attitude in a way you are looking at life that truly matters. We believe in a world without separation, we believe that we are stronger together. So, please join this revolutionary campaign as it is the heart and the soul of a woman that truly matters in the end.

Catherine Grace has paired me with today’s guest on 7 Days to Amazing. Laura Jansen aka “Goldielegs” was born and raised in Indiana where she was one of the few that made it a point to really get ready for school nearly every single day.

She channels her love of fashion and art into a competitive dance where she would help design her own dance costumes she’ll require in theatre. Upon graduating she made to big move to Los Angeles and New York. It was those cities that made a tremendous impact on her and she truly came into her own.

Laura is one who loves to experiment with new styles and trends all while keeping a sense of minimalism. It was in 2015 when she created to express her passion to fashion, beauty, fitness and travel. Always shape in classic but sometimes with a little edge keeping up with what she structures here long legs in search of new designs, brands, styles and more. Obviously, those long legs came to why she calls here blogs and Instagram account “GoldieLegs”.

So no big surprise here folks, I am the mid lifer and Laura is the millennial.

So we are going to learn for a little bit today, I really want to focus on time on growing up in a visual society, growing up on the internet is a part of your life and also for a lot of people especially women entrepreneurs who is really struggling still to make the connection and to really show up and create that visual message for themselves.

So totally frank here, Laura and I just met, like you are getting us raw and real here. So welcome Laura and thanks for coming up here on 7 Days to Amazing.

Laura Jansen: Thank you, glad to be here.


Sharon Haver: So can you tell us a little bit about how you came to be as a blogger? What you kind of do to the rest of the time when you are not blogging and share a little bit about you.

Laura Jansen: I actually started blogging, I had moved home for a year after leaving New York and I just needed a creative outlet, so I just kind of started blogging by myself. It is kind of a little creative outlet and a journal for me to track my styles and new inspirations, things like that I could just share with anybody that wanted to know and it actually started growing a bit so I decided to move back to California, only to realized there is the hard part where there are so many bloggers out here and it doesn’t exactly always pay the bills, you can’t do that fulltime so while I have been doing it on the side and I do everything myself. I’ve done my WordPress, I’ve designed my website, I take all my photos, I style myself, I do everything myself. So for a fulltime job, I actually work at one of the top talent agencies out here called Coast to Coast and it is great, so.

Sharon Haver: That is so interesting because one of the things I would be launching really soon is the program called Simply Amazing Headshots and you know I was just styling some photoshoots in New York for 15 years and I did everything from the full covers to making really crummy looking shots looks so good you wanna buy them and when I started FocusOnStyle back in 1999, it was before the blogger days and nobody knows what a blogger was, I was like, that was the ugliest sounding word “blog” – bl what a weird combination of sounds. So it was an offshoot of my newspaper column [5:05] and my the shoot is focused on style so what happens was I created a side as I guess a fourth column part magazine and I grew to have a lot of different contributors and a lot of people I knew who kind of famous, famous guru experts and I feel whatever and it was my whole jest is as a stylist everyone say, I can’t wear those clothes, I can’t do that, I’m like yea anyone can, you know.

It’s just learning the trick, learning how to be your own glam squad, learning how to get on in your own self. French women do it all the time that is more of what it is about what it is about and it is empowering people on that way. So it wasn’t a blog, it was more educational empowerment in learning to do it yourself and then what happens is that after I did this whole business that I realized even though it is not my business I am not the face of my brands and I had to come out and I had to take pictures of myself, I had to do stuff, and then there was a branding shoots, and there is a personal style blogs which was I never really understood so maybe you could help with that one and I also realized that I had to come out to my own shell and even though I was paid a lot to do this on big photo-shoots there was this scary for myself to take my own photos and then I learned how and that’s how I am helping other women do it in the program Simply Amazing Headshots.

But it is interesting to me that when you say you can take your own photos because it is a different generational thing you’ve got to grew up taking photos because I know it is a long way to get to this point but if you could kind of explain it in this bridging the gap between other people who were just not, even so unlike me where it is my profession, it was hard to kind of come into the other side to suddenly be the talent instead of the crew, instead of the team, to be in a the front of the camera.

So if you just want to help people with that and how it comes to be, maybe you could shine a light on how they can stop hiding.


Laura Jansen: Well I’ve actually always been in front of the camera as well as behind because one of my majors in college was TV and some productions but I’ve also been modeling since I was little so I have actually been pretty lucky and fortunate enough to have been able to experience in what in both sides.

I think for me was modeling I’ve learned my angles, I’ve learned how to pose, they learned how to shoot while doing movements there. But for everybody else that isn’t you suggesting  behind the camera I think there is that fear that they are not gonna do as well as they can but I’ve had so many people say that “how do you take your own photos, how do you do this, like show me poses” I’m like it’s not really enough like you don’t have to learn how to pose you just have to be comfortable in your own skin, you just got to try things cause not every photo is gonna be great and I can assure you that. Sometimes in my stories I’ll even put through my photos that I got that were really just awful like one eye will be open and that one eye will be looking to the right.

It is really awkward but I like to post those sometimes because some people were like “oh my gosh,  I could never look like that in my photos, I will just look awkward if I took them myself.” I’m like, “hi here is an example of me looking fearful.”

It is the relatability, you want people to feel the comeback and be able to communicate and relate with you and that’s kind of where the whole personal style thing goes as well, because people like to see that every day they can wear something that is a little crazier that they can style super wild like pants in an office setting or something so they just take to blog in Instagram now to find people that are doing it on a daily basis rather than just seeing it on a fashion week or something.

Sharon Haver: Yea but the thing for me is like it is a yin and a yang on it. It is like I know how much time it takes to make a really good photo for a magazine or catalogs in it or something. I know the budget it takes, I know the time it takes, I know the talent it takes, I know like how many things clubbed in the back to make it fit well, to makeup artist just really just basically did some like plastic surgery by cosmetics, really cool wigs, photographer lightings and to the bottom line I know how much time it takes just like for a flat lay to really take your still lights and to make them look like pretty. I did some props, I hated props, and props selling for me is like the worst backache because you would hunch still trying to move those little tiny things to look so great in the camera. So when someone takes it upon themselves to do this in a regular basis it is a lot of work. I mean to me it’s like uh because it was a part of my old job.

How did you schedule it in? How do you do it? How do you find the energy to wanna keep setting yourself up? Because it is a lot of work, it might look effortless but we all know that its work.


It's time to step into your Star Power and get you + your business out there!It’s time to step into your Star Power and get you + your business out there!

Laura Jansen
: It is a lot of work and because I actually work from 10 to 7 that is really hard for me to get any photos done during the week. I usually set aside one weekend day every other week and with the brands that I collaborate with, they would have sent me some things so that’s the day that I take only my Instagram stories and get them all set and ready to go and that like I can show unboxing videos if people are interested in seeing that and then after that done I do all my flat lays and then of course during the golden hour, that’s when I go out and I get all of my I get multiples shots for just to show up the clothes. And I can usually get free to three to four looks done in an hour to by myself so that is actually pretty decent.

If I have somebody shooting them it’ll go way quicker but when you do it by yourself you got to take it to consideration on how much time it is gonna take to get everything set up so that you shoot yourself and make sure that you get that shot. So yea I actually take one day a week and that’s really all I have to do to keep doing what I am doing now and I would like to be able to do it every single day cause I love doing this kind of stuff and I think it would be amazing to have it as a full-time job that is actually what I am trying to work as which is why I actually really envy you because you get to do this kind of stuff and you get to empower women with your podcast and also your styling on a daily basis. So I am actually working my way up to do what you do.

Sharon Haver: Yea the more you do it, the more you won’t love it. Kidding..

Laura Jansen: The grass is always greener.

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Sharon Haver: Yea the grass is always greener and the legs are always longer. I would always say the phrasing because I don’t have that. No matter how skinny I was, no matter how I tried work out. So but the thing is, what I try to empower people more is also in their business and understanding since I have this weird background of being, even though I was in style for so long and style is my beat, I also have my business degree and my mother basically would say, “no daughter of mine will go to school for fashion and you are not going deal with garmentos, no way, no how. You are getting a business degree.” So I chose to get one in marketing and it really served me well. It’s, I think of for me. like learning as a CEO on your side, learning how to be techy and learning how to promote yourself is just as sexy as one of my 200 or something pairs of shoes, which quite frankly I think I have more than that now because I kept them all in the closet but anyway, the point is I rather deal with business women right now, and I feel that’s more empowering to both me and to  them to be able to see how they kept presenting themselves because the internet has made us all celebrities, our visual image is all part of our brand and no matter what we do for our business couture, a poet or a style blogger, whatever you do online, that’s what people see.

It’s 55% of our first impression is our appearance. It is interesting that there are so many people out there who, thweren’t raisedise with this, they don’t get it and they were never fashion friendly and they say they can’t do it.

So the point of everything you are saying is that resonates the most with me I think it would be the audience is like “how do you take your own photos, how do you set those things up” because lots of people are so afraid  of. So they come look at you so okay she looks gorgeous, she’s blonde, she’s got long legs, she’s young, she’s thin, but I can’t do it. All these excuses that they wanna make but it is the actual physical  work upsetting up the shot and making it instinctual to learn how to do that so that is something that I believe truly that any man could learn how to do.

So could you kind of share how you set up your shots with equipment you do, because you taught people to do a fuller shot of your own, and what kind of camera? What kind of light? How do you do it? And how did you knock out so many in such a fast amount of time. That’s awesome.

Laura Jansen: Thanks. I knocked them out just because I kind of like I said earlier, like in modeling I kind of learn my poses that I think, I personally look the best in and that show off the clothes the best but when it comes to setting up the shot, I am not super, super great on it but i, I use a —

Sharon Haver: Are you kidding, the shots look great.

Laura Jansen: Oh thanks! No, I just set up my camera up in the tripod and what the camera that I used, I actually got the bundle deal in the amazon about a year and a half ago. It is just the basic Canon G5 Rebel.

Sharon Haver: I got that one and I can’t figure it out.

Laura Jansen: I actually, a friend of mine showed me a couple of little tricks, he showed me a little bit dealing with ISO and like the focus of it and I know how to blur out background a little bit more, or know how to make it look clear, know how to brighten it and how to darken it. And then obviously I just had to set the timer and I just actually need those one of the universal remote that everybody says is amazing cause then I wouldn’t have to be running back and forth looking like a goof ball.

Sharon Haver: I have the remote but I don’t know I kind of like, i grew up with a tripod so I kind of, my family photos is in a tripod running, so I am used to that part.

Laura Jansen: The universal remote is just nice so you can just keep clicking rather than going back and forth.

Sharon Haver: I got two of them; one of them is still in its package.

Laura Jansen: I’m so funny.


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Laura Jansen: But yea, so I just, I tried to go out when there is a best lighting golden hour.

Sharon Haver: And you said Golden Hour which people that doesn’t realized what it is, so can you tell us what that is little bit.

Laura Jansen: yea, it is a little more towards the end of the day as the sun is going down, golden hour here in California because it is always so bright you don’t get that quite as much, you really feel like you get up about an hour and a half. Especially now that it is fall and it’s getting dark quicker. But yea usually between now it’s like 5:30 to 6:45ish. You can kind of go out and the sun is going down and create those beautiful lighting that’s like, like I said it is exactly what its sounds like. It is very gold, it is very warm and it just makes your skin glow

Sharon Haver: When you are in the photo-shoot, there is two terms that you have right? It is the hurry up and wait. We don’t have to go in the sunrise –

Laura Jansen: Sunrise or the sun down

Sharon Haver: Be there 5:30 in the morning – all dressed in a shh stuff and being prep, with no final location or the golden hour at night where everybody is sitting around and being your bestfriend chatting’ all day and (aahh clap clap) got to work, got to work to get that beautiful light.

Laura Jansen: yeah, especially if you are doing an outside shoot. It will be a different story if I was shooting in a studio or indoor somewhere because then I would actually need all this lighting to set everything up. But that’s why I like blogging doing the advance style blogger because people don’t want to see all of these photos that are so curated and so like polished. They like the fact that it is more casual and comfortable setting, and looks like something that is not quite the posy and people look at it and be like “oh yeah, cool”

Sharon Haver: And it is also proven that people with Facebook asking stuff that if you are running something people do respond more to something that looks real and honestly what is happening now is the more real it is in set up is really getting a better attention, cause they may have something like J. crew which you know had redone their entire branding, their entire thing to look felt, fake so authentic and then everyone else tried to be J. crew so, somehow it is gonna look real but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a messy bed behind you and like lose wire and stuff and just mean I got heightened reality.

Laura Jansen: Great, I was just actually looking out there campaign and I was talking on my mom about it yesterday about how much I love their have their doing everything cause it just feels way more authentic, even though you know it is not. It feels way more authentic and laid back and like something like everyday people that doesn’t know style in the fashion side, they can relate to them and they feel like they are more a part of it.

Sharon Haver: Yea and it is engaging that way and the trend must been in the last few years is a lot of big brands are hiring a street shop photographers that hiring other photographers to look like street style which we all know is kind of very rarely, the person in the street the first time in the street posing street like has been over-styled and they spent 8 hours getting dressed that day and with also to free clothes but it still the end result is kind of looks, of the craft and real and I just happen to be standing here having a café in Paris and wearing $3,000 worth of clothes today.

Laura Jansen: Or oh I am just hailing a taxi in my Burberry coat and my Louis Vuitton.

Sharon Haver: Yes, there you go. Or I’m drinking a green juice in my La Perla Bra.

Laura Jansen: Exactly. You don’t see that every day?

Sharon Haver: Nooo and everything is so perfect my stomach always pops out just the right way. 30 days a month, Anyway, so how do you make it look so easy to..

Laura Jansen: Honestly I don’t know that I have any tips on that, I just I just tried to in some photos, I tried to feel like little, Pardon?

Sharon Haver: Does it become instinctual?


Laura Jansen: Yea, and I don’t try to put, I put work into it, I don’t want anybody to think that I don’t put work into it but I also tried not put too much work into it because like we are talking about you don’t want to come out looking so unauthentic or an authentic you wanted to look like you are just walking around and that’s literally what I’d want to do with my shoot.  All walk back and forth and sometimes I catch myself in that perfect midstep in where I am like looking off over a car that just run by. And it’s like somebody just taking a picture of me, or somebody is waving at me that like it actually they had happened. So its photos like those that always get the best reactions, that’s what I find at least.

Sharon Haver: Works the same thing that I know and I talk to people about how to create like their own headshot, there’s just sometimes that they had even had the fake laugh or sometimes I’m doing it my job is g o walk by and I look I have to smile on out and I’ll get that shot even if I’m doing it like a, some now before the video or something and I am using my computer to do it. You’ll just find a way of learning how to do the fake laugh or learning how to actually sort of be amazed and amused by what’s surround you so your reaction is more real.

Laura Jansen: Or even yourself sometimes like for me If I’m taking photos where I have to do fake laugh I actually legitimately will start laughing at myself. I’m like sitting here taking photos of myself, people are walking by and probably saying how on earth and I just have to laugh it off and I’m like well it’s okay and I just take more photos of those and actually just turning out the best sometimes.

Sharon Haver: yea and sometimes for people who have been on their own photo-shoot there is a lot of fake laughing and the expression to make love to the camera. There is a lot of that or actually if you want to look like you are talking actually say a couple of words and move your hands in a way that looks like you are talking or just like try to also get used to making like you are a dancer with a pretty hands, like in a ballet,  pretty arms, pretty hands, pretty hands, and it is like the same thing when you are taking a picture you are not holding your hand like a claw you try to like open it and that’s natural.

Laura Jansen: Yea. . Absolutely.

Sharon Haver: Which I think is really great because when you learn how to do that in front of the camera, I think that the confidence you’d get from that, nobbled to everything else you do and magnified and just really boost your self-esteem on a general basis and I think that if women out there specially the ones who weren’t raised with technology that has such a visual image can just get used to seeing themselves. I know so many older people they remember the first time they heard their voice in an answering machine like (Ahh) “what that’s how I sound like, I know that it is horrible” but it is the same to “Oh my God that’s how I look like” but the more comfortable and confident you get with that it just shows and it helped you shine.

Laura Jansen: Yea. It really does, it really does.

Sharon Haver: So I know you have to run and we are coming to the end here but what I like to do is ask people and people this is totally impromptu because we just met. This is the very first, we are not even on our first date, we barely exchange phone numbers here, this is our first flirt so I would like to ask guest, if you could just narrow down in the next week, cause it is a 7 Days to Amazing. What someone can do to make their life more amazing and be a little bit more like, what is your how can they make they life more amazing based on what you do.



Laura Jansen: I think, actually I have to do something, I tried to do something every week and it doesn’t always happen, I am not gonna lie but I tried to. I find that I’ve become so comfortable in doing things myself but I am kind of the opposite, I have a hard time like kind of going out sometimes and doing things so I have to like really try to make sure that I stay open to new things and new ideas so or people even, like I have a hard time doing things by myself going to bar, restaurant by myself. So for me, I am usually doing the opposite but for everybody else that is used to being around people I think what somebody should do is to do one thing for yourself and by yourself. Whether it be talking photos of yourself or whether it would be, you could set your phone up and like if this is gonna go like style wise, set your phone up on some books or something, do a little photoshoot and learn about your body, learn how comfortable you are and just really get in tune with yourself internally and externally.

Sharon Haver: No, I think that is great and what I would do is that maybe you can share that to your audience too and help them create a cheatsheet called how to create a good photos and how to look great in photos .com and that will give people some of the basic ideas to how to feel good and just add a lot to it as well. And I just think a lot of it comes to is just the confident, just really getting confident.

Laura Jansen: and I have gained so much more confident with blogging just because like I said just doing things by yourself and you’re styling yourself, you are really getting to know yourself by your clothes and I know that sounds silly but

Sharon Haver: Yea its true.

Laura Jansen: how you learn – you learn your style or in everything when you are doing that stuff by yourself and I have gained way more confident than I ever had growing up being the tall yanky one that always got me fun of, so

Sharon Haver: Were you an only child?

Laura Jansen: I have an older brother actually

Sharon Haver: Because I am an only child, so I spent so much time growing up with me and myself and my Barbie. And I think I learned to be pretty much independent because of it and yea so that is interesting that you have an older brother.

Laura Jansen: Yea, my brother is always a watched out for me, he’s always been my protective one.

Sharon Haver: Yea see how I was raised I had it, the only person that really took care of me is myself.

Laura Jansen:  I did been that one, I left New York, I am not gonna lie.

Sharon Haver: I am a native New Yorker so I am used to like it doesn’t even ceases me I am always like some form of high alert. We have a place in Miami so I am used to like going out there and there I am high alert thinking like some wild life is gonna go violent, it’s like a moose is  going to walk pass me [27:32] yea I was a New Yorker it is really cool to like wake up in the morning and it’s like a moose behind your place and like I am not even, I am in the wolf community is like there is people in around, see that’s what happens when you know you’re scared. You never knew that one day you wake up in cowboy territories, so..

Laura Jansen: That’s awesome

Sharon Haver:  Yea and we’re allowed to plod when you are out there, when in Rome, and sure enough for the distraction.

Laura Jansen: Surprisingly there is a lot of plod born here in California too.

Sharon Haver: yea it is like a foe and is like a J.crew plod. It is like I too say that there is a lot of plod born here in New York too, I got a lot of wood furniture here that got out there and mixed with modern just to bring the nature into the city and I do have the thing for pledge shirt and then sometimes when I go ask that we all wear our red pledge shirt and baffle pled hat it’s all by accident and I feel like we’re that family but walk it out like  pled shirt Really funny how they pictured it that completely impromptu and we’ll just all showed up I didn’t have the wed pledge so nothing like you couldn’t baffle up.

Laura Jansen: That sound like fun holidays to and just like last year we are all in Pajamas that our mother provided for us and I set my camera up and took our family portrait that way, we did have our dogs and some plod hat so.

Sharon Haver: That’s cute. So mister poodle used a buffalo pledge jacket good he doesn’t have one. She’d get one but he staring at me he is in his little bed bag behind me. Anyway, Thank you so much for being here Laura, this was great and any words or anything, I mean this is really cool I think we kind of bridge the gap what do you say?

Laura Jansen: I think we did it. Cause you know I would love to pick your brand even more sometime with marketing kind of stuff and like you I could learn from you there

Sharon Haver: Yea every once in a while I have a workshop called Blogger to Business because you know there is a whole different side of it so maybe we can figure something out from that as well and I’m still weird on this blogger thing. I’ve got to say, I am not gonna lie, I remember this is really gonna be faster, when my son is still be in the first grade, he is a sophomore in college now. I remember he was a model in a shoot and the art director said to me, oh my God we are doing this real people thing and we this people know how to pose and like they come with portfolios and I just come from the street what is happening with the America’s Next Top Model, everybody thinks that they are like a celebrity, and we were just laughing about it and its true, it has changed so much and I even remember back in the fashion week days on how people  would go “oh it’s a blogger to ruined everything” and that is a hard word to swallow but I think it is changed so much right now – I still just think it is still just an ugly word.

Laura Jansen: Yeah think about it as just a different word and now the ones that are mainly social media people that aren’t usually just writing anything on a website. There is the influencers as a bloggers.

Sharon Haver: The influencers are the whole other thing that we could go into but yea it is fascinating.


Laura Jansen: I mean I’d rather be a blogger, no I just like to think of myself as those but I think the influencer, I don’t feel like they don’t have to do quite as much because they are not necessary always writing anything just doing the photos and putting them up on their Instagram or their twitter. But if you are blogging then you are actually writing and you are using a little bit more of your brain, I know that sounds terrible but you are actually, you are using your education when you are writing with articles whether be a review or whether it is just something that you wanted to talk about your day on why you choose that outfit or something.

Sharon Haver: I mean, I always crack up when I find an influencer contrast and I always like to be called as the spokesperson and I actually preferred that one cause that puzzles more of your brain but there is something to be said about you that and I think that with people in Social Media, especially people, entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs who are creating their own business that I see, I mean I am in a speaking community that I am in [32:13] influencer oh that word that she is addicted I hate that  and then you look at that person and you’re like oh my god you still look like you’re 1987 year book photo and like oh god and it is a little bit of Jealousy sometimes too but I think that there is so much influence and If you have your own business whatever it is, you are an influencer online because people are reading what you say and if you want to take it to the next level and be seen as stepping in your star power, what I like to call it and when you need to kind of polish the edges a little bit up in your profile you can get bigger opportunities but yea it’s all out there and it’s all for anyone and there is no one who can’t see a position to with the rewards and to get the waiving stand and the following.

Laura Jansen: yea totally. I think you have motto where you can have can do sheets – I think that kind of goes with it and I love that motto actually, when I first red that the other day on the I was like okay that is like my new favorite thing but I think you can have that motto be like for a sub blog and you can have it be for life. Yea because it’s works for everything and that’s what I love and that everybody can do it

Sharon Haver: For me, let’s talk another thing, chicas is being confident harmonious interesting and classic but what I found so interesting about it cause I also have the program of the stay sheet crash course which is helping people get their own style and become their own best style because I don’t believe in personal stylist I think that’s set up to a phenomenon that happens after sex in the city I was put never personal stylist you could go into any store and someone could dress you up to the day and anyone can dress you up but it is less authentic to you, what is the difference, you see this people like they get all dressed up and the they wear the same outfits to the business event and they do a video online and then they would look like they are just cleaning up a carburetors

I mean I think it is more of the fun approach of learning what works on you and just so you would get that more magical dance with hands in the closet and then you put things together and maybe you were in the family plod pledge shirt in a pair of like skinny leather pants that includes boots and it has a totally different vibes but no one can style you with that, that is just something you kind of pick up and that’s what I am trying to teach people, the reason I said try is cause I find so interesting is the people who need it the most are the people that are rather the most resistant and you can’t take a horse to a water but you can make them drink, what a terrible analogy. But it is true and it is just like yea she said something to me and I guess to you as well that is just it should make your style effortless so it just smart and it’s just right, you styled up for success whatever, whatever that is, whatever is real to you.

Laura Jansen: Yup, totally agree.

Sharon Haver: So, anyway, this has been fun and yea, so cool and so we will connect soon this is gonna go live on October 17th right? So for people coming in on my site, you can find what Laura wrote about me on Goldielegs, it is and that’s G-O-L-D-I-E-L-E-G-S and you’re here on focusonstyle, you are listening to me in itunes, when you’re on sevendaysamazing channel and if you are in iTunes app tap on back to focusonstyle because you get all the bonus extras we have on this and if you’re on the focusonstyle you might just want to download it on iTunes, whatever floats your boat. So, Thank you Laura for being here and talk to you guys soon.

Laura Jansen: Yea thanks for having me, have a great day.

Sharon Haver: You too, you are very welcome.

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