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  • Bright Teeth, The New Status Symbol


    Bright Teeth, The New Status Symbol – Easy Fix-Its To Bleach Teeth White, Whiter, and, Whitest

    Easy Fix-Its To Bleach Teeth White, Whiter, and, Whitest

    Super white teeth are more camera-friendly so those in the public eye have been lightening their teeth for years. But that was then, and this is now: Teeth bleaching is easier and more affordable, so why not get in on the act? However, you should speak with your dentist before considering any procedure, big or small. The American Dental Association both refers local dentists and offers excellent research archives.

    The trend for super white teeth has taken the idea of pearly teeth to new levels…what would have once been considered fake and garish, is now considered closer to the norm in whitening circles. There is a natural yellowing that comes with age and the more coffee, red wine, cola, or cigarettes you consume, the less chance you have for keeping teeth sparking white.

    I decided to be your big-toothed guinea pig and flash back a report. Letting you know that I am a dedicated drinker of coffee, so total phosphorescence is bound to escape me. BriteSmile (1-800-BRITESMILE)–the one I went to is right across the street from the J. Sisters salon– claims “nothing gets your teeth whiter, faster” and was developed under the supervision of a former NASA scientist… cool, man.


    (model before BriteSmile) Since I am aquick-fix junkie and, like you, have no patience for ongoing dental procedures, I decided to give the one-hour, one visit BriteSmile a whirl to see if my teeth did return to their “natural whiteness.” Well, basically, who knows what their natural whiteness really is? But my teeth did become remarkably whiter… nice white, not freaky bright.


    (after BriteSmile)The light-activated procedure was mildly annoying-, for me the hardest part was being quiet for that long– but it’s only an hour and you can nap or watch TV, to pass the time.

    Providing you respect the tooth fairy’s efforts, the results can last for about 2 years. Considering the speed and degree of whitening, the roughly $500.00 BriteSmile procedure is probably the quickest of fixes.

    For those too lazy to venture out of their house, some at-home bleaching methods do require a certain ongoing level of commitment. Crest Whitestrips are whitening slivers that are applied to teeth twice a day for 14 days with promised results of lasting 6 months. For those with chitter- chattering snappers, don’t fret, you can talk while wearing the Whitestrips.

    If you have a hankering to just shut up and listen for a half hour, twice a day for two weeks, Rembrandt Plus Superior Bleaching System may be just for you. Prep by brushing with Rembrandt Plus with Peroxide toothpaste (also available as a single purchase).

    Then, the fun begins… Whitening Gel is dispensed by syringe into Comfort-Fit Mouthguards- hot water “shapes” them to your mouth- and left in place for about a half hour. After, rinse with Rembrandt Plus Whitening Rinse (single purchase availability too). Tada, whiter teeth each time you use the system. As a simpler effort, Rembrandt also makes Dazzling White toothpaste and bleaching gel-in-one. As a simpler effort, Rembrandt also makes Dazzling White toothpaste and bleaching gel-in-one.

    For all you gadget gurus, the Sonicare Plus sonic toothbrush boosts an 80% removal of stains caused by tea and tobacco.

    Of course, glamazons have one easy camouflage over guys to brighten teeth: Lipstick color. Think fire engine red instead of cherry red, and ditch the pinks for idiot- proof faking it.

    Whiter teeth make you look younger. How’s that for an easy way to beat the hands of time? Chop, chop.

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