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  • Buckler by Andrew Buckler Menswear

    A selection from the Andrew Buckler Fall / Winter 2010 fashion presentation


    Fashion Presentation Photos

    Fall / Winter 2010-2011
    New York Fashion Week

    ‘On the Road’ Collection inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel

    Less is more when it comes to this fashion presentation rather than a full-blown runway show. Sometimes it is best to experience the clothing in the setting much like where they will be worn. In this case, a gritty raw space loft in New York’s Chelsea art district.

    Reworked American 1950’s garments have a very modern and edgy appeal that most men can identify. There are plenty of dense Japanese twill chinos, selvage denim, and flannels shirts with plaids inspired by the artist Jackson Pollack.

    There is emphasis on drop-crotch pants which looks so right on the models but may be difficult for the average guy to pull off. Don’t fret, there are plenty of other pants options to keep your wardrobe well-stocked next fall. –S.H.

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