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  • Cameron Diaz Knows How To Wear Shorts With Heels To Look City Chic and Stylish

    "Bad Teacher" Madrid Photocall

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Tailored short shorts, high heels, and the right kind of attitude to pull it off

    Total Disclaimer: It’s almost no secret that MOST of the time, I cringe when I see woman on the street wearing shorts– particularly in the city. They either are wearing something overtly girly like a kiddy romper when they are well over a certain age, or half-naked as if they are about to change their profession and take to the nearest street corner.

    Cameron Diaz tailored short shorts and high heels worn right!

    Cameron Diaz tailored short shorts and high heels worn right!

    Not to mention, those with the figures that should really consider a skirt or something a bit longer and more appropriate for the city. Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t give you the excuse to run outside in as little clothing as possible.

    Fashion Tip: There seems to be some unwritten fashion victim law that if it’s summer, it’s time to wear short shorts! But honestly, shorts are not appropriate for everyone… there are more flattering alternatives.

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    But every once in a while, you see a grown-up woman who understands how to wear short shorts and look absolutely city chic. She understands that shorts should be worn in a length that most flatters her figure and not because they are trendy at the moment.

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    Cameron Diaz is today’s poster girl for wearing shorts with high heels and looking refined, classy, and polished rather than ridiculous, here’s why…

    • There’s no denying, that Cameron Diaz has a body built for short shorts with crazy long legs in unbelievable shape.
    • Her skin tone natural, not orange and obviously fake-baked.
    • No spider veins or cellulite either, but if you do, try wearing hose under your shorts and opt for a longer, more flattering length.
    • Her shorts fit. They don’t ride up between her legs when she walks, pull up her tush, or create a camel toe… simply stated, shorts should stay put when you move.
    • Cameron’s shorts are crisp and tailored, not young and girly which is far more suitable at a certain age. A more universally flattering choice, may be Bermuda shorts or Capri pants for many women.
    • Her legs are the main bare emphasis, so her top is more structured, showing less skin and her jacket has clean and simple lines to not distract from her bare legs.
    • Heels are high and in a nude color to blend and accentuate her legs, without being ridiculously fetish heel high or too bold to break the line.
    • Hair and makeup are easy and natural and not overly done to go against the fact that at the end of the day, shorts are still casual.
    • And most important, it’s her attitude. She doesn’t like she’s trying too hard and appears absolutely comfortable in the fantastic skin that she is in.

    Take a look at some of these more grown-up short styles that we pulled for you to consider:


    Photographer: Solarpix / PR Photos

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