Cancellation Policy for Consulting Services

Good Karma Cancellation PolicyWhat comes around, goes around when it comes to cancellation and being punctual.  I call that cancellation karma.

I have very limited time available to for our one-on-one sessions and want to give you my all. My time is blocked to accommodate you along with the sufficient amount of prep work before our session– lots of “off-time” thought as to who you are, what you are like, and exploring ideas as to how I can best serve you to make the most out of our style mentoring session based on my over two decades of professional experience in the style business. I invest in you just as you invest in me.

***I do not offer refunds for one-on-one or group style mentoring sessions– neither prior to a session or after a session.***

The services provided are based on my experience and the expertise of As style is a matter of personal preference, there is no guarantee that you will agree with my opinions or those of  Fees paid for the services are earned for provision of the services and are non-refundable in the event you are dissatisfied with the opinions provided.

Muy importante- You should be familiar with the free content on FocusOnStyle as both a newsletter subscriber and frequent visitor to the site to “get” my style and tone before as to not blindly book a session.

If you should need to rearrange your appointment, please let us know 72 hours prior (that’s when your completed Style Sheet Q&A is due) and we will provide three alternate times to reschedule, one time only. We try to arrange appointments on a short lead so we are both aware of our schedules without crazy lead time.

If you are late, you will miss that time from our session. Remember, time is blocked, therefore if your appointment is 2-3PM EST and you mosey in at 2:30, I only have a half-hour left reserved for you. Please be punctual. We are all grown-ups and respectful of each other’s time. Yes, you must 21 and over for a one-on-one session.

I am extremely flattered and honored that you chose me to be your style mentor in this one-on-one session, however I don’t say yes to everyone who applies. If I feel you would be better served by a colleague or an alternate service, I try to refer you. If my schedule does not allow the time, I may put you on a wait list.

I’m really want to help you make the most of what you’ve got, but you need to be there.