Natural Red Carpet Beauty is NOT an Oxymoron! Get some French chic inspiration by way of Léa Seydoux

Cannes Do Chic Beauty: Let Léa Seydoux Teach You A Thing About French Beauty

Looking natural, gorgeous, and knowing  how much makeup to apply can result in a fine line between looking overly made up (that K family) and washed out and frazzled (heeeeello, mirror).

Instead of a makeup “how to look made up on the red carpet” tutorial, let’s look at how to look just as pretty as we would like in our everyday lives… maybe, even with a hint of an ageless glow too!

Let French actress Léa Seydoux be our shinging example based on her Cannes Do Chic Beauty look at the 66th Annual Film Festival 

In a custom blue feather hemmed Louis Vuitton tube dress topped off with beautifully done Votre Vu makeup and sleek, pulled back hair for the ultimate glamorous effect, Léa Seydoux was stunning. And with that marvelous look, comes a quick hit list of must-try beauty tips straight from her makeup artist for instant, relateable glam.

Léa Seydoux
Léa Seydoux

Get the look of Léa Seydoux with celebrity makeup artist Saraï Fiszel’s first hand techniques. She created Léa Seydoux’s look here for the premiere of “The Grand Central” at the 2013 exclusively using Votre Vu products- you can use any brand that has a similiar color and texture palette.

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In their words:

It was raining really hard the night of the premiere, so Saraï wanted to make sure that Léa’s makeup would withstand the weather and look fresh and dewy all night. Starting with the base, Saraï first applied a layer of Votre Vu’s Love Me Deux in Paris and then lightly powdered her face with a YSL pressed powder. The trick is to then apply another layer of the tinted moisturizer on top of the powder wherever needed to make sure that it stays on really well and doesn’t look cakey.

Then, Saraï took Beauté en Bronze and applied it all over the face with a thick brush that wasn’t too dense. “The brush makes all the difference when applying bronzer to the face because you want it to apply evenly and without patches.” After dusting the bronzer all over, Saraï then went back with a denser brush to contour the face and create a nicer angle.

For Léa’s eyes, because she has such gorgeous eyes with dark pupils, less is more for a fresher look. Saraï started by applying just a few individual lashes to the outer corners and then applying black mascara. To create thicker looking lashes, Saraï took the mascara brush and wiped off some of the product with a tissue. She then meticulously applied the mascara making sure to coat each lash and then went back and layered the mascara several times, each time using the same method.

For her brows, Saraï took Votre Vu’s Arch de Triumphe in Warm and applied it with theVotre Vu Brow Brush & Shaper first to her hand to ensure that it didn’t apply too heavily and then filled in her brows lightly to look natural and not too defined.

TIP: Use a lip balm on the eyelids and cheekbones for a fresh, dewy look. “There’s something sexy about a little glossy eyelid and on the cheekbones to make it look like you don’t have any makeup on,” says Saraï. Recreate this effect with Duette lip balm!

To finish off the femme fatale look, Saraï created a deep red lip using French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick in Margaux.

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Ok, gorgeous ladies, How much makeup do you think is too much for a big nigt out or days when you want to stand out from the crowd? Please share in the comments below…

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Photo: Votre Vu

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