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  • Prime Time- Kate Bosworth preps winter weary skin before applying bold makeup


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Radiant skin even in the bitter cold

    A serendipitous beauty coincidence here.

    My skin was looking a bit winter weary yesterday so I reached for some Votre Vu Tragic Magic Rescue Creme and didn’t think much else about it. UNTIL, I applied my makeup last night and my skin looked so refreshed and vibrant that you could have sworn that I has paid a visit to a facialist or a derm.

    Then, in swoops this tidbit, that Kate Bosworth got her flawless look while braving the Sundance chill with the help of some Votre Vu too.

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    Listen up- if you want to wear daring pink lips like Kate, your skin must look dewy and fresh, regardless of the temperature. Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan for Votre Vu  shares her beauty tips to prep Kate Bosworth for her press events at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

    “For the premiere of “Black Rock” at the Sundance Film Festival I prepped Kate’s face by using a combination of different Votre Vu products to create the perfect canvas ready for the makeup application.

    I started off by massaging “ATTENTIVE Creme de Jour for Sensitive Skin” all over the face and neck. This cream is great because it calms the skin and replenishes moisture – especially in these weather conditions.

    To keep the under-eyes moisturized, I lightly smoothed into the skin “Tout le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelee.”

    Next I applied Votre Vu Sensational Eyes Eye Primer in Medium on lids for a perfect way to keep eye shadow on all day – the perfect base.

    To finish prepping the face for makeup I dabbed a drop of the “Attentive Serum Delicat Pour Le Visage” into the skin and massaged starting at the center of the face and moving outward.

    Kate has amazing skin so she really doesn’t need a heavy foundation. To set the foundation I dusted on Votre Vu Mineral Powder in Light all over the face.

    For the premiere I wanted Kate’s makeup to be fresh and natural but with a bold classic red lip. The perfect base for the lipstick is the Votre Vu Champagne Kisses Lip Treatment. I didn’t line Kate’s lips so the Champagne Kisses pulled double duty by moisturizing and preventing the lipstick from bleeding out.” Available at

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    Boots No7 Advanced Hydration Day Cream SPF12

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    Photos of Kate Bosworth: Votre Vu

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