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  • Celebrity Festival Style – Kate Bosworth in Isabel Marant


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Western Chic With a Dollop of Cool Rocker Edge

    This year’s Coachella music festival seems as if it’s sartorially minded revelers sense of style is more center stage than that of the bands in the line-up…

    Just take a look at the always on cue Kate Bosworth in Isabel Marant, looking tres chic western with a cool dose of deshabille met with a studied hand at mixing modes for a sexy take on rocker chic and the perfect example of super celebrity festival style… a look that you may want to covet for casual summer evenings.

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    In a F/W Isabel Marant western appliqued silk blouse (a serious nod to REAL cowgirl chic) the starlet mixes genres and era’s for a look that’s all her own yet quite easy to manage on your own with ornate, gilt accessories with a time-worn appeal and a relaxed, bedhead inspired coif.

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    And with Marant’s strikingly independent stance on all things country chic next season, Bosworth could easily be signaling the dawn of a re-run, the return of country chic we saw so rampant just over a decade ago.

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    So go ahead, start collecting western novelty blouses as they are rather easy to find, just be sure to look for classic colorways and feminine details like the delicate pleating around Bosworth’s cuffs. — Naveed Hussain

    Capture Bosworth’s Look with these finds online now:

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