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Q:Celebrity Hair-A-Like: Last minute celebrity copycat hairstyles for Halloween and beyond

I’m trying to figure out a last-minute Halloween costume with a celebrity theme that’s inexpensive. I’m really in to hairstyles. Any suggestions? (Philadelphia, PA)

Copy a celebrity hairstyle and a cheap Halloween costume is only a hairpin away…

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Start with the hair down! We prefer you think for yourselves when it comes to personal style and only use celebrities as an inspiration, not clone. But when it comes to Halloween costumes, all bets are off!

Celebrity hairstylist and P2 hair care mogul, Philip Pelusi shares some how-to tips to copy an iconic celebrity hairstyle this Halloween:
The Amy Winehouse Beehive:
The punked-out, ratted-up beehive hairstyle is as symbolic to Winehouse as her raspy voice and bad girl behavior.

Try this hairstyle at home:
• Smooth out your hair, then make a high ponytail and leave front locks on your face.
• Divide ponytail into five or more and set on heated rollers.
• Mist hair with P2’s Industrial extra firm holding spray.
• Gently remove rollers and smooth hair with brush.
• Take a square section of hair and twist by curling left over crown hair and then do the same with the right.
• Finally, pull one side of front hair to center back and in same way for the other side too.

Find some old Capri pants, a camisole top, and ballet slippers that are equally as ratted as the Winehouse hairstyle and consider yourself good to go. Don’t forget the eyeliner!

The Betty “Birdie” Draper Bouffant:
January Jones’ character Betty Draper on the 1960’s era themed show, Mad Men is the suburban Grace Kelly, classy and primped in an old-school way.

Try this hairstyle at home:
• Begin with well-conditioned hair and apply a light hair gel.
• Use a large brush and begin brushing under the hair.
• Pull hair out into long strides on the top to obtain a smooth nature.
• Apply P2’s Revit protein styling spray and then vertically wrap hair with a curling iron.
• Move around the sides and wrap the ends on one side toward your face and on the other side back away from the face.
• Section off your part and smooth your hair over on your forehead.
• Finish up with P2’s Industrial hairspray.

Roll up your blouse sleeves to a ? length, add a full skirt, and some button earrings. Coral matte lipstick and the ever-present ciggy fly this fashion bird.


The Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf Uptown School Girl:
Those Gossip Girls’ Headbands have become one of the most popular accessories on the show.

Try this hairstyle at home:
Spritz P2 Define Root Lifting Spray onto damp hair.
• Blow-dry on low heat.
• Once hair is completely dry, use a two-inch curling iron to create waves throughout the hair.
• Give the look texture with a mix of small braids and twists.
• Finish the look with a frou-frou headband.

Grab a short navy or plaid miniskirt, roll-it up even shorter, add a crisp white shirt, blue tie, and plenty of uptown attitude.

Images, this page only: P2, Trent & Company

–October 29, 2008


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