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  • Celebrity Street Style- Rachel Weisz Takes The Edge Out of Leather Pants

    Rachel Weisz in The Row

    I”ll Have What She’s Having: Taking something urbane & edgy and pairing it with something casual however classically chic makes for a winning look

    Leather pants seem to come & go in & out of style about as quickly as hem lengths and while we’ve never been big fans of the many connotations they bring to mind; from rocker-chic to plain old down & out freak- spotting forever-chic actress Rachel Weisz donning a pair from The Row with classic minded basics, has shed a new light on the layering possibilities of leather pants.

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    Pairing her sleek, slim-cut leather pants with a simple nautical striped shirt under a classic blazer makes for an unexpected pairing from Weisz and most certainly gives off a cool, polished vibe that’s perfect for all kinds of events from a night out on the town to after work drinks. Also, take note of the break between her shoes and pant hem that allow the eye to focus on proportion while easing the gothish severity of a head-to-toe black ensemble.

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    Take a cue from the actress and consider topping off your leather pants with tailored pieces that are clean-cut and fuss-free for a look that is pulled together with a sense of off-beat flair. Imagine if she had paired her preppy top layers with ho-hum pleated khaki’s?

    Well, in this day & age it just wouldn’t do! Here, the actress masterfully pulls together disparate pairings for a contemporary spin on ready-to-go garb and looks all the better for it. -Naveed Hussain

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