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  • Celebrity Style In Focus- Elisa Sednaoui

    Elisa Sednoui

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Perfectly cut pieces that always look right…

    Although she is an Italian native, actress and model Elisa Sednaoui often tends to cut a dynamic swath around the globe in pieces that are sublimely chic however simple enough to let her casual yet sexy nuanced way of wearing looks stand-out.

    And while she is a natural stunner with ample sex appeal to boot, we tend to look at her unique sartorial choices as a clever cue on how to make more formal pieces seem relaxed and manageable while maintaining the requisite amount of confidence and polish.

    In fact her sense of style is so spot on and yet subversive enough that we had initially mistaken Sednaoui as French and were going to consider her a fresh route to all things French Chic. Despite her origin, she proves that you can never go wrong with a stylized little-black-dress, pops of unexpected color and basics with a studied twist.

    Take note of some of our favorite looks of Sednaoui’s below to re-tool your wardrobe just in time for the festive holiday season ahead.

    Even in a little-black-dress, the consummate style-plate adds a subtle sense of nuanced nonchalantness by wearing her velvet topper slightly askew to let a slither of the piece’s electric pink lining frame and highlight her face.

    Here she works wonders in an a-line leather skirt(a must-have this season) by unexpectedly pairing it with a sheer, lightweight knit top that accentuates the haute ladylike elegance of the skirts volume while her yellow paneled heels add a pop of color to distract the eye from the piece’s weight.

    Even in the simplest, although exquisitely cut & proportioned of looks, Sednaoui’s cool however offbeat glamour radiates through leaving the impression that while she is beautiful, she also knows how to highlight the beauty of form with concise, spare separates that are masterfully cut. Which goes to show you just how far well-made, tailored basics can take you when you keep everything else simple and fuss-free. -Naveed Hussain

    Pick-up on Sednaoui’s style with some must-have pieces we’ve edited for you:

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