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  • Chandelier Earrings, the big drop in jewelry is back…


    Bold dangle earrings are right on trend and you can wear them!

    Chandelier Earrings, the big drop in jewelry is back! Big, bold dangle earrings are right on trend and you can wear them.Tips to face flattering earrings.

    It’s quite awhile since chandelier earrings were on trend, well out of most drag queen circles at least! But, large dangling earrings are looking so right again and, this time, it is all in the way you wear them.

    The eighties fashion trend may be riding high, but these chandelier earrings look absolutely modern. Gone are the stiff and precise hairstyles that were in vogue the last time big earrings were chic which created the over-the-top look. Now, it’s the contrast of a simple and perfectly undone hairstyle as a backdrop for a rather large statement earring.
    Runways and fashion magazine spreadsare brimming with crazy huge chandelier earrings, some looking like they can hold a few lightbulbs of their own. The editorial boldness is what makes us take notice, the common sense of scaling down to suit our real life is what makes this jewelry trend look so chic.

    Since the earring is so large and a definite statement accessory, do make sure that the shape of the earring flatter your face.
    Tips to find flattering big earrings:

    Longer or thin faces do best with dangle earrings which bell at the bottom to create width.

    Round or fuller faces fare better with oblong earrings that create the illusion of less facial fullness.

    Women with a small or receding chin should opt for shorter earrings that brings the eye up.

    The big earrings trend works so well from BoHo hippie fashion to full-out glam, so it might be just the right time to start adding to your jewelry box.

    Chandelier Earrings online:

    –May 7, 2009

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