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  • Cindy Crawford and The Olsens step up for JCPenney cheap chic

    The department store chain that began in Kemmerer, Wyoming 108 years ago is really thinking out of the boxHow can you resist the marketing meld of Cindy Crawford and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen making the scene for JCPenney at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center?

    It’s genius, we know!

    Sometimes we lose track of the fact that a good chunk of the country is not as engaged in the nuances of fashion and take for granted the endless diversity of what living in New York or any other big urban city offers.

    The Olsen Twins at the JCPenney ‘Discover Spring Style’ event

    The Olsen Twins at the JCPenney ‘Discover Spring Style’ event

    JCPenney has not.

    Last night’s marketing rah-rah session, sorry it was more of that than a ‘Discover Spring Style’ event, began with the CEO scooting out on a Segwayish personal transportation vehicle to remain planted on it while gushing over their new branded offerings from Mango for fast fashion, Charlotte Ronson, Bisou Bisou, Nicole Miller, Liz Claiborne, and Allen Schwartz. We were also reminded of the JCPenney store in Herald Square, here in New York.

    Then the dog and pony show really began with the ever-gorgeous Cindy Crawford fronting for her very saleable Cindy Crawford Style home collection, followed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen speaking on behalf of their playful Olsenboye clothing line that looks a lot like what a modern pre-teen Olsen fan would wear.

    We previewed a slew of JCPenney commercials that will air during the Oscars until it was time for their cute take on a fashion show with something for everyone.

    The crowd loved it.

    You know what? JCPenney doesn’t pretend to be cooler than it really is, it is simply real.

    Stay tuned for spring…


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