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  • If you don’t take my word, Cindy Crawford is also all about self-confidence in how you look too

    Cindy Crawford for C&A

    Get with ME on this one. She’s gorgeous. She’s fit. She’s tall. She’s successful. She’s supermodel Cindy Crawford spieling about her new clothing line that  just debuted in Europe for C&A.

    So why should we care about what Cindy says back here in the States? The line is for Europe and it’s an advert, right?


     “So much about looking good is self-confidence and how you feel,” is what Cindy Crawford says in her “behind the scenes” promo video, here:

    I ABSOLUTELY agree 3,999%. Because, like Jack Benny’s proverbial age of 39, at a certain age, self-confidence is what makes you feel chic, empowered, and alive.

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    When it comes to personal style, I’m more about helping you make the most of what you’ve got to feel confident and soar than go mad for the latest fad. I talk about my inspiration in this recent interview on fashionotes.

    As your STYLE MENTOR, FocusOnStyle and I are here to get you on the right path to ageless can-do chic because true style doesn’t have an expiration date.

    Summer is almost over and my vacation days, like yours, are starting to wane. In a matter of a week, biking around the Wyoming mountains will abruptly switch to my son starting a new school  in NY (boy, how they grow up sooo fast) and the frenetic craziness of New York Fashion Week will start.

    Behind all these lifestyle switch-a-roos, there are some BIG, NEW, EXCITING projects up my sleeve.

    I don’t want you to miss out.

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    Oh, if you didn’t listen to the Cindy Crawford video above, LISTEN. It may be promo, but I totally agree. And, you???

    Photo: via WWD

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