Rev up a classic skirt suit for a night out like Julia Roberts

I’ll Have What She’s Having: A simple way to update what you own and turn it into a party outfit

We thought you might like a last-minute holiday outfit idea that you can probably pull from your closet right now!

In a classic skirt suit (hers is by Givenchy) , Julia Roberts pulls off an easy to do recipe for updating your go-to number for a night out…

While a quintessential black skirt suit is often saved for days at the office, Julia Roberts made one simple choice to stir things up -her cut-out heels.

That’s quite a realistic and dramatic approach to take and one that deserves some consideration next time you go out.

Besides adding a crisp face framing edge to her suit, a high tuxedo neck also makes for a smart solution to hiding problem areas, if you have them that is… wink wink.

Keep it simple with a polished yet easy updo
Keep it simple with a polished yet easy updo

Shop shoes like Julia’s:


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Photos:  Givenchy

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