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    Products so yummy that you just may start to enjoy housekeeping

    Products so yummy that you just may start to enjoy housekeeping

    cleaning wasn’t a necessary drag onto itself, it’s those damn-a-rama home cleaning products that can have you longing to become a permanent houseguest.

    The products may do their job, but the nasty medicinal smell or the enhanced fake scent of the great outdoors crossed with a lemon on acid, is really not up to snuff.

    Of course, there’s the flip side of the holistic housekeeper who believed that white vinegar was the cleaning agent of the Gods and left the house reeking[/link] like a pickle factory.

    Sure, there are plenty of fancy, organic home cleaning products, but frankly we just can’t bear to spend bouque bucks on a purse size atomizer of window cleaner.

    That’s why we are so squeaky clean gaga about Method Home. How amazing is it to have your house imbued with the soothing scents of cucumber, lavender, grapefruit, green tea, magnolia, mandarin, pomegranate, rosemary mint, or ylang ylang? The highly effective, biodegradable stuff smells so fresh that it just might refine your sense of clean for good.


    There’s no animal testing and the recyclable packaging is designed by über hot industrial designer Karim Rashid so it’s stylish enough not to want to hide under the sink but to proudly display on a countertop.

    Oops, sorry, have to go… there’s a glop of goo that must be mopped….

    –June 25, 2004

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