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  • Accessorizing a Corset Top

    Accessorizing a Corset Top

    Q:Accessorizing a Corset Top

    I recently bought a black silk shantung corset top, and I have no idea what to wear with it on bottom? (Chicago, IL)


    Bravo to you, the corset top is one of the strongest silhouettes this season. The super sexiness of it gets a modern fashion bolt when paired with more classic offerings, like a superbly tailored menswear black tuxedo or well-worn flare-leg jeans and high heels.

    What you don’t want to do is wear it with something skimpy or slinky… that look is way too tarty!

    Before you buy anything (no matter how in love with it that you think you are) it’s always best to have something at home that you can wear it with… otherwise it inevitably joins all those other never-worns in the back of your closet.


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