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  • Countess Luann deLesseps dating and party tips, more Real Housewives NY gossip and summer beauty tips for ladies and metrosexual men

    "All About Me" Broadway Show Opening Night - Arrivals

    Too many Fourth of July Hamptons parties, too much gossip, beat the heat beauty tips, and too hot men

    Brad is preparing for the Fourth of July parties in the glam Hamptons and you know that he has some gorgeous dish up his sleeve. Enjoy! — S.H.

    <h2Dating tips and party advice from the Countess:Talk about sizzle, it is so hot here in the Hamptons that one steamy Countess is bolting out of town…

    I just got off the phone with Luann deLesseps who was in the first class lounge at JFK. The Countess is hightailing out of the East End, about to board a plane bound for the super glamorous St. Tropez. I couldn’t let her get away without asking some quick ôClass with the Countessö advice.

    I have a house full of guests this Fourth of July weekend and too many invites to fabulous parties with a few I can’t invite my houseguests. What to do?

    Countess Luann says, öEnjoy your guest! Stay home and be a gracious host.ö Great advice!

    While I had her own the phone I was hard pressed to ask her a question for all my single girlfriends. What should you do if you’ve made it passed the first date with flying colors and then he calls for a second date? Do you play hard to get?

    “Depends if he’s a player? Then play hard to get but if he is a hopeless sweet romantic then it’s silly to play games,ö say the Countess.

    Love you darling. I will pass that on to all the single ladies. Enjoy that Bain de Soleil tan!

    All that quiet water and so much action...

    All that quiet water and so much action…

    <h2Gossip on more New York Housewives:As for the piece on my girl Jill Zarin’s book ‘Secrets of a Jewish Mother.’ I have not been able to pin her down for a sit down with all the parties and benefits. I promise, it is coming soon!

    For now, I can share that Bethenny Frankle and Jill did run into each other. It was Saturday night at the most over-the-top benefit on Gin Lane. Thankfully,

    all was good with no Louboutins flying! These New York Housewives are bumping into each other everywhere and it’s better than anything caught on film! Trust me.

    Speaking of film, but I also ran into Micheal Lohan at a benefit for Haiti on Saturday night. I don’t know if it’s because he got wind that I will be doing Lindsay Lohan’s makeup if ôInfernoö starts filming, but he came up to me like I was his best friend and I don’t believe that I’ve ever met him! Or, perhaps he recognized me from TRHNYC or is he just a friendly guy?

    <h2 Shhhh… Here’s another hot one that I’m waiting to hear more about. I’m up for co-hosting talk show with a very high profile blonde reality star. My fingers are crossed and you know that I will let you know.

    Time for lunch before more gossip

    Time for lunch before more gossip

    <h2Enough about them, let’s talk about YOU…Now for you sexy ladies with hot and steamy forecasts ahead, let’s talk about some heat resistant make-up tips to keep you looking gorgeous in all that humidity.

    <h2My favorite summer beauty products for my babes: If you want sexy, smoky eyes that won’t smudge from the heat try my fave Smashbox Jet Set waterproof eyeliner to prevent a hot mess meltdown on your face (or on his pillow). I sent this out to all my girlfriends at the onset of the summer! It’s best to use a coat of Cover Girl Lash Blast for a fearless day at the beach with plenty of batting action.

    When it comes to checks use a gel or liquid check stain from Givenchy with a light bronzing powder brushed over it!

    Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

    Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

    For the lips use a neutral colored pencil in “Blush” from M.A.C. Cosmetics it’s the same one I used back on Gina Gershion in the movie ” This World, Then the Fireworks”. M.A.C. also makes the most amazing lip stains. Use a dab of Chanel light gloss over that.

    I found that Peter Thomas Roth has the most amazing Mattifying Gel that keeps you from looking like you use Crisco as your base– I’ve used it on all my films! Anything from Vincent Longo’s line is also a great go-to summer main stay.

    Make sure you store your make-up in a cool dry place not in your beach bag! Stash it in the drinks cooler if you can’t live without it.

    <h2Of course, I must include some metrosexual men’s style tips on hair removal from waxing to shaving to laser:

    Brad & Rob sharing some retail therapy in the Hamptons

    Brad & Rob sharing some retail therapy in the Hamptons

    My metrosexual friend Rob Siegel and I have been out scouting men for the ultimate makeover here in the Hamptons.

    Rob loves anything from the boutique Blue & Cream in East Hampton and wouldn’t you know that is where I ran into him this weekend on his way to a clambake in Montauk.There he was, looking like he stepped off the pages of a Blueboy magazine (thank Cyndi Lauper for the line)!!!!

    Vilebrequin trunks online

    Vilebrequin swim trunks

    Rob gave me his take on the ins and outs of male grooming and where to go and he does he have the smooth on this for all you guys who want to look picture perfect in your Vilebrequin trunks!

    If you like your men smooth– above the neck and below— I’ve got a couple of great gift ideas for you. You cannot go wrong with a nice shaving gift pack from one my three faves- Anthony, Kiehl’s or The Art of Shaving.

    For that nice all over smoothness, a gift certificate for waxing or laser hair removal is great too- Completely Bare is my place. They are a hi-tech spa that services a lot of celebs and a good number of male clients. They’ve got spots all over NYC and opening in Beverly Hills soon!

    <h2>> HELP! Sharon and I need your questions NOW for our chitty-chatty show…
    Sharon and I will be working on a talk show very soon and want to hear from YOU! Please email or Twitter your questions and thoughts and let us know more of what you want to know about fashion, beauty, style, and some delicious dish.

    All is good on the pool floaty…. cocktail in my hand. How Andy Cohen of me!

    See you out East. ľ Brad Boles

    Photographer of Countess Luann deLesseps: Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos
    Other photos: Brad Boles

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