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  • Glass Couture Shoes are fantasy footwear to wear and behold


    Introducing Q by Pasquale: Wearable Designer Glass Footwear

    This is the absolute shoe fantasy! Five years in the making, this collection is composed of the finest Murano Italian glass, 24-carat gold beads and gold leaf detailing, and fine Italian leather.

    Take what you knew about Cinderella’s glass slippers and throw it out the window. Designer and “cobbler to the stars” Pasquale Fabrizio has created an incredibly posh, decadent, and most importantly durable glass shoe that puts fairy tale imagery in a whole new light.

    What is also amazingly clever, is that Pasquale designed the sole of the shoe to be completely clear. When you look at the profile of the shoe, you can see right through it. Every angle of these shoes leads you to discover something new and interesting and keeps you begging for more. If that weren’t enough, the glass beads are made so intricately, with gold leaf and textured details inside the beads, that each pair of shoes takes over 150 hours of skilled labor. It is crystal clear that Pasquale designed a collection of passion, beauty, and an impeccable eye for detail.

    The collection of amazing Q by Pasquale glass sandals

    The collection of amazing Q by Pasquale glass sandals

    Not only are these shoes completely red carpet worthy and fitting for any black tie affair, but they are able to withstand more wear and tear than your typical Jimmy Choos. The soles are comprised of an acrylic glass, similar of what banks use for bullet-proof windows, which means that you can literally walk miles in them and not even make a dent. Then there is the sheer beauty of these wearable works of art. So cleverly designed, you can swap them from a gown to a cocktail dress to boyfriend jeans and a button down. These shoes are truly versatile and will become an instant favorite.

    Q by Pasquale couture glass sandals

    Q by Pasquale couture glass sandals

    The couture collection will be available this spring in a limited 500 piece run, each pair individually signed. For those of you who aren’t able to shell out the hefty $7500 price tag or perhaps aren’t able to catch one of the 500, which of course are bound to be highly covetable pieces.

    You can rest easy because Pasquale is also coming out with a mainstream collection.

    The Africa collection will be more moderately priced, starting at $350 and will feature beautiful wedges and sandals complete with acrylic soles and remarkable glass beading details.

    I have had the liberty of taking a sneak peek at a wedge from the Africa line and it is truly spectacular. With all the height and comfort of a typical wedge, but with the quintessential Pasquale touch. Each wedge has circular cutouts that have hand-blown glass beads strung inside with gorgeous animal prints. The back of the wedge is so thin that you almost think you are looking at the back of a stiletto. These will definitely be tough competition for the designer shoe crowd and are sure to be seen on the feet of many fashionable women across the country.

    Look at my photo gallery from the Q by Pasquale launch party:

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    Another fabulous feature of these shoes is the acrylic glass box they come in. It is a gorgeous display case with a velvet pillow at the bottom to keep your shoes intact and safe. The case can be displayed in your closet or on your mantle because after all, who would want to hide these beauties? — Elizabeth in L.A.
    Q by Pasquale online:

    Don’t have a couture shoe budget? Get the essence of the jeweled glass sandal look for less:

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