Cropped pants flattering or not? Petite dress tips to wear springs hot fashion trend

Q:Cropped pants flattering or not? Petite dress tips to wear springs hot fashion trend

Lately, I’ve been noticing a fashion trend in cropped pants for this coming spring. More specifically, they are cropped so that they fall right at the knee length. I was wondering if you would recommend this look for me considering my petite frame and height. I am 23 years old. I am 5 ft 4″, weigh 100 lbs and have an hour glass figure. Can I pull it off or will it be unflattering? (Markham, Ontario, Canada)

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A:Pulling off a specific style is not necessarily based on one particular piece, but how and what you wear with it. You are absolutely right that cropped pants can visually foreshorten your appearance, but depending on exactly where the pants hit your leg and the type of shoes that you wear with it are key whether you are petite or just after looking taller and thinner.The crop needs to hit your leg at a shapely point and avoid having the hem stop short at the fullest part of your calf to create the appearance of a leaner, longer leg. Avoid flats and wear a shoe with a bit of a heel- the new wedge shoes and espadrilles that are so hot this season are perfect footwear choices.

Tonal or monochromatic colors always visually create a longer appearance than breaking up your body in bold color blocks. So, select a top which blends nicely with the pant color. Stay away from very full cropped pant styles and opt for sleeker cuts and you just be able to wear this summer trend in style!

–March 30, 2005


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