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Curvy jeans

Q:Is having a womanly figure a curse for a flattering fit in jeans?

I like to consider myself as stylish and pretty cool but when it comes to finding curvy jeans that fit my hourglass figure, it’s out of the park on styles that will actually pull up over my hips and not gap around my midsection.

Every time I go jeans shopping, I get more and more depressed as nothing ever fits me and I feel like a freak. I am otherwise a pretty much “normal” size 8 in every other piece of clothing and stand 5’6″ tall.

If I find jeans for curvy figures, the styles are so dated that I feel like I’ve aged 10 years with every pair and at 34 years old that is not a look that I’m after.

Is there a brand or style of jeans designed for women with hips, thighs, bubble butt, and a small waist who isn’t ready to look frumpy or five years behind the fashion curve? (Syosset, NY)

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Yes, the collective council of curvy fashion hounds knows your pain.

There are those wonderfully slim girls with fantastic figures who seem to be built merely to be a frame for every premium jean to hang. Then there are the ladies with a bit of junk in their trunk and a tiny waist who have an otherwise enviable body except when it comes to the time in the fitting room with a pile of discarded jeans on the floor and tears of frustration about to stream down her face.

As much I hate to say it, for the most part, when you add a specific fit option to a garment, its fashion integrity and modernity seem to deteriorate, regardless of the company or its publicist claims. The emphasis shifts to fit, rather than fashion. You end up not with something that you love for its stylishness but rather with something that you would not otherwise purchase except that it is flattering on your figure. And you’re getting desperate. Perhaps, with enough styling, you can tszuj it up to work.

Make It Work:

The best recommendation to find exactly what you want in modern, on trend denim is to find the “regular” jean in a style that you love. Go up a size or two to fit the widest part of your hips. Have a tailor take in the back waistband with two darts on either side of the back belt loop. Reposition the belt loop to balance out. Be sure that the back doesn’t “sink” with alterations. Jeans with some stretch like a 98% cotton/2% elastane blend are the most forgiving, as are trouser cuts rather than skintight styles.

If the extra fabric in the rear from your hips to waist isn’t that dramatic, Instant Button is a nifty gizmo to “take in” your waistband by mimicking the look of a standard jeans button. It allows you to pinch in your waistband without requiring real alterations or a belt.

Tip: Don’t rely on belt to take in your waist as the jeans will usually gap in the back and create a rather unflattering line, particularly when you sit.

Curvy Jeans Shopping Guide:

Most of us are pretty are pretty aware of GAP curvy styles that have become a staple in consistent fit, but why try some other brands? We sent out a search posse to road test jeans specifically cut to fit and flatter a curvy figure without alterations. Slip on a pair, they just may end the usual dressing room distress.

Lee Jeans–

There’s something very modern about the old school styling of Lee Jeans Curvy Fit Straight Leg jean that’s new for fall. Wash a couple of times, roll up the cuff, pair with a boyfriend shirt, and add an interesting belt. You are good to go in both fit and fashion with a 50’s classic style a la Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits. Where to buy:

PZI Jeans–

One of the best fitting skinny jeans for a curvy figure are PZI Jeans that are designed to “enhances and flaunt a woman’s natural and shapely body.” It’s almost amazing to find skinny jeans that you can pull up over your hips, zip up, and fit just the right way. PZI fits the curvy skinny jeans bill in a nice pewter shade. Where to buy: Select MACY’S stores nationwide, retail chain stores and boutiques. SHOP: PZI Jeans online


We all know how Brazilians love a curvy bootie, and Beija-Flor are “premium jeans that embrace a woman’s curves” with a flattering, polished fit. The Rosie straight/bootcut style just may be the answer as a dress jean for Casual Fridays. You will love how easy they slip right on over your curves. Lisa Rinna and Paula Abdul have a pair. Where to buy: Available in more than 100 retail boutiques nationwide.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans–

Known as the jean that lifts your butt, flattens your tummy, and allows you to wear a size smaller. We selected the Wide Leg Retro Trouser with a high waist style in a light wash that has just the right fit to graze over curves. It is “retro” but the flare shape reminded us more of Three’s Company rather than Rachel Zoe. There’s plenty of styling potential but best reserved for those who never watched classic TV on its first go round. Where to buy: Major department stores and retailers nationwide.

Little in the Middle–

Designed to fit hourglass and pear-shaped women with its OneUp sizing system that cuts jeans with the waist one size smaller than the hips. The more mature “Confident” bootcut style comes in a nice selection of colored denim- we chose black. After assorted try-on tests, Little in the Middle may be an option to fit pesky saddlebags. Where to buy:


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