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  • Custo Barcelona Spring 2012 Runway raves with it’s mind-blowing fashion meets art palette


    Custo Barcelona Spring 2012 Runway

    Runway Review: The Spring 2012 Custo Barcelona collection was perhaps the most wearable I have seen in many seasons! Has Custo Dalmau strayed from his wonky roots to make something more sellable?!

    No, definitely not, however you will have no problem shopping for strong, out of this world items that don’t feel tailored solely to the Lady Gaga’s of the world.

    As always the color palette is psychedelic and not toned down whatsoever. As a matter of fact, that concept applies to the eye catching prints that are reminiscent of the Rorschach ink blot test, combined with fluid watercolors and a splash of the acid tripping 60’s tie-dye’s. Don’t leave out the texture, because you will find plenty of sequins, slub knits, layers top applied fabric creating flurry ruffles and heavy on the gems.


    Some key items that won’t get you mistaken for a circus act are: a semi-sheer sheen silver lurex shorty short, a deep v-neck rose coral and grey cocktail dress with a variety of sized sequins – great for a night out, the kaleidoscope print jumpsuit with lurex knit hoodie and hot pants, and the two sequin bomber jackets – one in black to be a bit more safe and the other in bright coral and purple.

    Custo Barcelona Spring 2012 Runway

    Not to be worn in a pool, but the swimsuit with dinosaur-like ridges on the side seam, along with the color blocked suit with jewel encrusted neckline will be stand-out summer pieces.

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    An innovative accessory worth getting is the pint size clutch worn as a belt. No, not a fanny pack, a clutch-belt; it’s much more fab and people will actually ask you wear you got bought it rather than assuming you are a tourist!

    This collection is always mind-blowing for it’s innovative designs and textiles; pushing the boundaries of fashion and art, and it still retains that, but now you won’t second guess wearing the pieces in public. –Alix Kivlin

    Alix’s photo gallery of the Custo Barcelona Spring 2012 Runway show:

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    All photos: Alix Kivlin

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