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  • Custom Design Your Own Shoes- Shoes of Prey Let’s You Be A Shoe Designer

    Imagine how fun it would be if you could custom design your own shoes or update an old favorite pair in a different color or heel height?

    Shoes of Prey lets you do that.

    The Australian company allows you to become your own shoe designer within the bounds of their own samples of heel styles and heights, toe styles, embellishments, and a large variety of fabrications and colors to guide you to custom design your own shoes.

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    You get to “digitally craft”  your combinations until you find a style that is unique to you and that you love.

    The digital mock-up for my shoe, pictured above.

    The digital mock-up for my shoe, pictured above.

    You can’t start to design from absolute scratch but you can certainly create your own special version to within what they say totals more than 4 trillion combinations.

    Not bad.

    The Shoes of Prey custom design your own shoes process, once designed, takes around 4-5 weeks to be made. I  “designed” the better than neutral wedge pump pictured here, in light tan with black genuine snakeskin for both uppers and wedge with black leather trim, and on one wearing received tons of compliments… Hummm, should I add shoe designer to my credentials?

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    Synthetic sole with glaring shoe size. Yes, I have big feet!

    Synthetic sole with glaring shoe size. Yes, I have big feet!

    One gripe: If the shoes range in price from $195 – $350 why the cheesy synthetic sole with your size stamped in silver dead center of the arch?

    Eh, you can always have your shoe repair change soles when it’s time for new heels.

    Go ahead, play shoe designer over at

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