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    The Harness Motorcycle Boot is Back

    I don’t care what efficiency “experts” say.

    I just paid a visit to a demonstration initiated by a “professional organizer” to see if she has some brilliant secrets about realistically storing a collection of boots.

    Her solution: Toss out what you haven’t worn in a year. I guess that’s why she looked like she couldn’t give a who-ha about style!

    Well, if I had tossed my old faithful harness-strap motorcycle boots years ago, I’d be kicking myself in the proverbial fashion can right now.

    The chunky harness boot is back in a big way.

    Get one pronto or dig out the pair that you used to wear with that Chanel tweed jacket.

    What goes around in fashion comes around– be prepared and save your icons!

    As far as organizing goes: Never throw out anything that has intrinsic style, unless it’s two sizes too small and tattered beyond logical repair. A rolled newspaper is a cheap and easy way to keep boots standing straight.

    By the way, IKEA just released its “You Can’t Be Too Organized” random survey that produced this cocktail party factoid, “Sixty-five percent of people who file their tax returns early claimed to ball their socks, while 54% of people who file their tax returns on time or late claimed to fold their socks.” Cheers!